Realtor Professional Portrait in Greenville SC

Janet “Happy” Bradshaw (Re/Max realtor in Greenville, SC) called me to update her professional portrait.  She has been in the industry for over a decade.  Therefore Janet knows that a realtor needs every advantage to woo clients.  Janet wants to surpass the competition.  She also realizes that a compelling headshot is crucial to her sales pipeline. Her professional portrait is her first opportunity to make an impression on her clients.

She wanted a unique headshot.  Something not too edgy, so therefore a solid background was out of the question.  Something colorful and representative of Greenville, however not the Liberty Bridge or Falls Park.  They are both overdone.  We decided on a spot in downtown Greenville near the river.  There are a few buildings and foliage to add some vibrancy and compliment her personal branding.

Equipment and Setup for the Realtor Professional Portrait

The setup used a studio strobe fitted with a softbox.  Also a reflector to reduce the shadow contrast.  Firstly, I feathered the main light a bit.  Then I measured the ambient light.  Next I dialed in the strobe power up just a tad.  We cannot forego this step.  If so, we reproduce either a nice background with a silhouette of Janet or a nice image of Janet with a white background. Therefore, lighting is important.  I wanted to maintain the brilliance of the background.  It  matches her personality.

We discussed including the brick wall in her realtor professional portrait.  At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about it.  Now that I have had time away from the camera, I think that it adds variety and context to the image.  Moreover, its a fresh and unique take of the overly-photographed red brick wall that I’ve mentioned in previous posts.

So here is the final result.  Yes, her smile looks this good in person.


Realtor professional portrait Greenville SC













The need for a high quality professional headshot

Most homebuyers (upwards of 80%) begin their housing search online.  Therefore, the housing market is a competitive industry.  You need to stand out amongst all of the other agents in your area.  If you are a real estate broker or real estate agent, its important to make a good first impression on your potential clients.  People want to work with realtors who are trustworthy, professional, honest and friendly.  The photo on your website, business cards, social media and other marketing outlets is your first opportunity to impress your clients. Thus consider updating your realtor professional portrait.

A good professional headshot is the most memorable component of your personal branding. Thus an amateur portrait can hurt your business.  It can also give your competition an edge over you.  It is easy to brand yourself as a competent realtor. Just remember the following important tips when having your headshot photographed (click here):

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