Why Aerial Photography and Videography?

Aerial photography is a great way to document and / or enhance your projects. Images from the air of construction projects, houses, parks, golf courses, real estate, hospitals, office buildings, factories and universities create a different perspective that clients can appreciate.  Consider aerial photography in Charlotte NC and Greenville SC by Forrest Briggs!  Forrest has years of aerial photography experience and has photographed countless structures and various subjects from the air.

Differences between Aerial and Traditional Photography / Videography

Aerial photography is more specialized and technical than traditional photography.  When shooting on the ground a photographer can easily steady his camera on a tripod, against a building or any of an array of stationary objects.  In the air, the photographer is contending not only with random turbulence and perpetually juddering micro vibrations, but also with movement along 3 different axes (think photography while jogging).  Additionally, an aerial photographer needs to have a thorough understanding of diverse factors including type of aircraft, flight path, time of day, perspective, angle and field of view, weather conditions, altitude, post processing and other variables to deliver outstanding results that exceed client expectations.

Forrest Briggs uses only professional grade lenses, camera bodies and other professional photography equipment to create the ultra-sharp, superior quality aerial photos that your business requires.

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Greenville Aerial Photography Furman Tower

Greenville Aerial Photography Runway

Greenville Aerial Photography - Mountains and Lakes

Aerial images of downtown Greenville

Aerial Photography Factory

Hotel Aerial Photography

Greenville Aerial Photography Buildings

Greenville Aerial Photography Architecture

Need an aerial photographer?

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