Your Next Step–Photography Mentor

Once you are familiar with your camera and comfortable using it across multiple settings, how do you put your knowledge into practice? You need additional skills to create a successful career in photography. Forrest Briggs Photography offers photography mentor sessions in Greenville SC. These lessons use a hands-on approach to learn various aspects of a photography shoot.

What is Photography Mentoring?

Mentoring goes beyond the typical student-teacher relationship. The essential principle is the same, but the mentor-mentee relationship is far more personal. Mentoring sessions are done one on one and focus on the specific needs of the student.  There is no syllabus, no textbook, no exam, only the wisdom of a seasoned professional passed on in as little as a single session. A mentor is a guide, a teacher, and a trusted eye who can help a photographer find their true path. Photography mentoring is not only for serious photographers, but beginners and intermediate photographers can also benefit from this relationship too. Even for something as simple as learning how to use a fancy new camera.

Photography Mentor Equipment and Set-Up

Firstly, this practical lesson will allow you to assist in setting up equipment for the actual shoot. You will learn the basic equipment required for a photo shoot. You will also learn practical ways to organize the time with your client. Forrest’s methodical approach to setting up a shoot will give you a solid basis for conducting your own shoots. Following this lesson, you will be able to formulate your own checklist of equipment and set-up steps.

Engaging Your Clients

Secondly, you will see Forrest form a relationship with his client from the moment he introduces himself. It is important to connect with your client as soon as possible and put them at ease. This enables the shoot to move forward comfortably and in a relaxed manner. As a student-assistant, you will experience first-hand the importance of establishing a good rapport with your client.

Learning the Setting and Posing From Your Photography Mentor

Forrest carefully chooses the setting for a photo shoot based on the overall desires of his client. By accompanying your photography mentor Forrest, you will see how location and time of day factor into the effectiveness of a shoot.  Suitable lighting for the given setting will also be explained. You will learn how to pose your clients creatively and photogenicallly. Additionally, Forrest will demonstrate how to communicate with clients in order to achieve those poses.

Exceeding Expectations

Forrest’s goal for every photo shoot is to exceed his client’s expectations. You will learn how to accomplish this as you observe the shoot. The client’s overall goal will serve as the guide to a successful shoot. Forrest will provide tips to delivering an impeccable photograph and ensuring that the client is satisfied. Your direct involvement in the photo shoot will help you achieve these goals on your own.

Photography Mentor Overall Impressions

Following the photo shoot, there will be time to discuss your overall experience. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and review what you learned. Forrest will take the time to share thoughts and insights as to ways that you, personally, can move forward in the field of photography. As a professional photographer and teacher, Forrest Briggs looks forward to mentoring you as a student-assistant.

Evolve Your Art with Photography Mentoring

Great photography does not require expensive equipment, years of experience or study, or incredible luck. All one really needs is a camera and a willingness to learn. For many, the learning is the tricky part.  Photography classes are great, but realistically, who has the time to commit to weeks of classes? If there is a class meeting at a time that fits your schedule, the course may not cover things you want or need to learn to elevate your craft. However, traditional classes are not your only option for improvement. For those with a passion for photography and a busy life, photography mentoring could be just the thing.

Advantages of Photography Mentoring

Unlike traditional classes, a photography mentoring session fits your schedule.  You can meet your mentor at their studio, your home, for a cup of coffee, whatever works best for you. You and your mentor can discuss your existing portfolio or how to build one, lighting techniques, props, equipment, or simply a subject matter that piques your interest.  A mentor can also provide invaluable insight into the business side of photography for aspiring or struggling professionals.

Choosing a Mentor

The mentor-mentee relationship requires a few things you should consider before diving into a relationship or paying any money. While you may only end up spending an hour or two with your photography mentor, it is vital that you trust them. You should trust your mentor as an artist, as an expert in their field, and as a business owner.  Advice from an untrusted source rarely gets taken to heart. Your relationship with your mentor should also be one of respect. Your mentor should respect your passion, your time, and your point of view, as you should respect theirs in turn. Whether you are building your own business, looking for a few quick pointers, or want to grow as an artist, your time is valuable, as is your mentor’s. Perhaps most importantly, you should choose a photography mentor whose company you enjoy! Your mentoring session(s) should never be a chore.

Know Yourself

Sometimes, it is easy for a photography mentor to pinpoint areas where their protege can improve from a technical standpoint, but photography is not always about technique. Before entering into a photography mentoring journey, ask yourself some important questions. What do you hope to gain?  What are your strengths, and where do you struggle? Where do you feel you could improve? What drives you? What draws you to the medium? Honest answers to these questions will help you get the most out of photography mentoring.

Keep an Open Mind

A good mentor may not always tell you what you want to hear, so an open mind is essential to the process. An honest critique of your work or capabilities may seem harsh at first, but a good mentor will have your best interest at heart.  Furthermore, while your mentor’s methods may seem unorthodox, strange, or unfamiliar at first, a fresh perspective might be just what the doctor ordered.

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