Want to take hands-on photography classes from a professional photographer with a decade of teaching experience?  If you are tired taking of bland, uninspiring photos and want your creativity to evolve to the next level then grab your DSLR or point-and-shoot camera and sign up for an engaging hands-on photography workshop covering both essentials and little known secrets of photography.  Whether you are an absolute beginner looking to gain confidence and learn your way around your camera or a seasoned pro wanting to refine your approach and gain insider knowledge about advanced photography techniques, these hands on classes will give you a thorough understanding of photography and give you the toolset to shoot like a pro in just a couple of hours.

Hands-on Intro to Photo Class

Gain confidence during this essential hands-on introductory photo class as we take the training wheels off your camera.   You will learn Forrest’s special techniques for going beyond “auto” mode and get comfortable adjusting your manual settings in different situations to achieve the exposure, depth of field and lighting you want.  Expand your creative potential and start creating compelling photos.  In this beginner photo class, you will learn the following integral techniques that every professional incorporates into their photography...

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Intermediate Photography Class

You are comfortable taking your camera out of ‘auto’ mode, but still feel that your photos don’t quite reflect your artistic vision.  If you are serious about your photographic pursuits, learn advanced photography techniques from professional photographer and eight year instructor Forrest Briggs.  Forrest has taught hundreds of people and enjoys helping others actualize their inherent photographic ability.  This intermediate photography workshop builds upon the hands-on into photo course and includes the following topics...

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One-to-One Photo Mentoring

Private Photography classes tailored your specific needs! By the end of this private photography workshop you will have created a portfolio of astounding images and will be prepared to confidently shoot on your own - rendering the correct exposure, perspective, composition, lighting conditions, bokeh and color balance to your images every time you go on a shoot.  If you are a photo enthusiast who wants to create phenomenal images to proudly display on your walls or you are looking to go pro, Forrest’s private photography classes help...

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Hands on Digital Photography Classes