I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the hands-on photography class.  I had not been able to get my Nikon D90 off of “auto”. But now I am so excited to be able to take pictures and to get the most from my camera. Also, the “field trip” was invaluable. Having a professional there as a mentor, helping me one-on-one to apply the things I learned in the class, was just what I needed. Everyone should take advantage of this! Worth every penny!!”
JoAnne R., Raleigh NC

“Forrest, thank you so much for such a great photography day!
I originally signed up for just the intro class on Saturday morning, but am so glad that I invested in the mid-day field trip and the follow-on intermediate class.  The morning was filled with theory and hands-on exercises during which I finally got comfortable taking my DSLR off auto-mode for the first time since I did film photography back in high school.  I liked the take-away slides he presented on “his approach” to taking photos, starting with setting your white balance – I had never heard of white balance before!  The individual attention that Forrest gave during the field trip, even with a large group, was much appreciated. Being able to take shallow depth of field photos, stopping motion and creating the silky waterfall effect (the creek water fall and fountain), was well worth it.  He was very patient, letting me experiment and encouraging me to reason through the various settings I needed to change to get the effect I wanted while in manual mode, instead of just telling me what to do for a quick-fix.  This is a great course, especially if you want to know the “how” and “why” of achieving the photos you wish to create.”
Reagan K., Atlanta GA

“Thanks Forrest, I really enjoyed the class.  It helped me develop a better understanding of what I should be doing when I am taking pictures.  In two hours I learned more about the camera and photography than I had in the previous 2 years.  I am looking forward to putting what I learned to use!!! Thanks again!!!”
Ann C., Greenville SC

“I am extremely thankful for your assistance in shifting me away from “point and shoot” and toward utilizing my camera’s program and manual modes. Your guidance helped my photography to become more “artful” in many respects. Your instruction of composition and techniques have also helped me to create more appealing subject matter that are appreciated by my friends and family. I am now more confident with my photography. Thank you!”
Warren K., Charlotte NC

“I really enjoyed your class.  I thought you explained how to creatively use our cameras very well.  I wish I had attended your hands-on introductory photo class before I went on a trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  It would have been fun to have experimented with different settings there.  I used to do that with my old slr camera, but was too afraid to take my digital camera off “auto”.  Now, I feel like I can do that!”
Sherry T., Greenville SC

“I have had my Kodak for about seven years.  I couldn’t figure out how to get more out of my camera.  Your hands-on photo class taught me how to do so and now I am SO EXCITED that I can take advantage of it.  The lecture was a great review (you are a great teacher!) and I enjoyed it.  I had not thought about aperture, shutter speed and all that for years!  You did a great job explaining everything!  I wish my scientific method teaching assistant was half as clear and organized as you are! I now enjoy photography much more.”
Minken L., PhD., Greenville SC

“Must-have knowledge when transitioning from point-and-click cameras (or automated settings) to customizing your photos to capture the shot you want. Class was well instructed, easy to understand, and most importantly, interactive where the attendees used their own camera to practice what was being taught. One of the most comfortable non-intimidating learning sessions I have attended on any subject.”
David R., Greenville SC

“I signed up for this hands-on photo class not knowing what to expect. But I quickly found Forrest Briggs to be the most knowledgeable, most patient photography instructor around. I really enjoyed the presentation.  He really wants you to retain what you hear and soak in what you learn. We even took time throughout the presentation to practice on our individual cameras. There wasn’t a camera in the room that Forrest wasn’t familiar with so as he walked around, he knew exactly how to help adjust each camera. That’s the professionalism that I had hoped to gain. With the class size that attended, I still felt like I was given individual attention during his seminar. I know that I had gotten better just in 2.5 hours of sitting in on his classroom. Forrest, you are the best, and I can’t wait to attend your next session!”
Travis R., Greenville SC

“Forrest Briggs photography Course helps the Novice or Casual photographer achieve better photos intentionally instead of accidentally.  His knowledge and patience will help you to comprehend the intricacies of photography and give an understanding of the settings/options on your camera to capture the desired shots.  I look forward to taking other hands-on classes by him in the future.”
Leonard L., Greenville SC

“Thank you very much for the class. I really enjoyed it. The atmosphere was very comfortable and relaxed. You were very knowledgeable and attentive to all students and answered all of the questions.”
Sasha N., Charlotte NC

“You explained HOW things worked and that provided a great foundation on what to do in various scenarios. I could easily follow and understand what you were saying and I’m applying that every time I take pictures! It’s nice to know what all the features on my camera mean and how they work rather than blindly experimenting and hoping for the best result. Thanks for the class! What other hands-on workshops do you offer?”
Brian S., Greenville SC 

“Forrest – I wanted to thank you for your hands-on class yesterday.  I learned so much and now having that information I am amazed at how lucky I am to have taken some of the shots I have. I especially enjoyed the hands on exercises during the class, very helpful.  I am also very happy that I participated in the field trip.  It was helpful to put that knowledge to “work” so quickly after the instruction.  So thank you, very much for your time and imparting your wisdom.  Very much enjoyed meeting you and learning from you.”
Brenda F., Charlotte NC

“Forrest Briggs is a wonderful photographer who instructs great classes! No matter if you’re a beginner or pro you can definitely pick up some new information from him. The class is fun, fulfilling, hands-on, & it’s all at a great price! If you want to do photography as a hobby or profession I recommend checking this out!”
Arynn O., Charlotte NC

“I received a Nikon D5100 for my birthday.  Having previously used only a simple point and shoot, I found all the different settings and terminology of my new camera a bit confusing.  Forrest Briggs’ introductory class was exactly what I needed to familiarize myself with the camera and get a basic understanding of the settings.  It’s a great hands-on class for beginners– very informative, without being overwhelming.”
 Jennifer L., Charlotte NC

“Forrest, you are so correct. I have been taking pictures since attending your class and I can see the difference already. I was able to take a picture of the bridge over here in Atlantic Station using manual setting and it was awesome. I’ve downloaded it to my phone and everyone that I’ve shown so far is amazed at the clarity and the colors of the picture. I’ll send it to you shortly so you can see it as well.  Your hands-on photography class was worth the investment. Thanks again!”.
Lorenzo C., Atlanta GA

“For years I’ve settled with some areas of my photography being out of bounds. I’ve developed a cursory understanding of shutter and aperture, but my technical photography knowledge quickly fell off after that. After taking the class, I feel like a Native American looking at a buffalo – I’m going to use all of it. What Forrest could do in a few hours at his hands-on intro to photography class in Atlanta, I haven’t been able to do, with books, online videos, and fumbling with my SLR’s for the past 10 years. He’s completely demystified how to control the camera’s ability to capture an image, created a systematic approach to manually controlling your equipment, stepping up and letting your creative side take over. Now my pictures are much closer to what I imagine, before I press the shutter.  I highly recommend this intro to photo workshop for anyone who wants to take their photography to the next level.”.
Stacy S., Atlanta GA

“The Hands-on Introductory Photo class offered a relaxing, open environment that really made me feel comfortable asking any question without feeling inferior.  My main goal for this class was to learn more about metering and I’m so excited that Forrest showed me how to do this with my camera on the field trip.  That tidbit alone was worth the money!!  I would recommend this class for anyone wanting to further their photography endeavors.  Thank you Forrest!”.
Amy R., Greenville SC

“There’s a big difference between knowing the name of a button on the back of the camera and understanding what that button actually DOES.  This hands-on photo class helped me get past the vocabulary words and learn about photography fundamentals. Now I understand not only what my camera does, but what it is capable of doing.  I really benefited from the field trip, where I put my new knowledge to use.  I was able to gain familiarity with my camera and my newfound skills in a supportive environment, an experience that helped me understand my camera and reinforce what Forrest taught during the seminar. I was able to ask follow up questions to the instructors, and received hands-on instruction with my camera.  I was also able to compare my pictures with the pictures taken by other class participants, where we could discuss our camera settings and learn from each others’ mistakes and successes.”
Chad N., Charlotte NC

“Your hands-on class taught me a lot of new information which I had not used in photography before.  I learned about how to adjust for white balance, the grayscale, and other critical elements of photography which I had never heard before.  I will say the best part of the hands-on photo class was the optional field trip.  It provided much more for me to be able to take pictures and get immediate feedback from you.  I would attend an intermediate class if you offered one.”
Stephanie G., Raleigh NC

“I attended another local photographers 4 hour class and we didn’t touch the camera’s once. I learned more in 20 minutes in Forrest’s Hands On Intro to Digital Photography course than I did from the other one.  Forrest explains the basic shooting principals and how they will affect your photos. The field trip is a MUST so you can apply what you’ve learned. I highly recommend this class whether you’ve been shooting for 5 minutes or 5 years!  I’m looking forward to his more advanced courses.”
Danielle A., Greenville SC

“I thoroughly enjoyed the recent Intro and Intermediate photography classes I took from Forrest and also the after-class field trip and the studio setup practicum. Forrest was very knowledgable and confident in his teaching skills and sought to pass those skills on to us with his “hands-on” approach. I highly recommend you take his classes! When you do, come with your digital camera in the manual mode and be prepared to learn!”… Amy T., Greenville SC

“I recently attended both an introductory and intermediate photography workshop hosted by Forrest Briggs.  It was a great experience!  His personality was both down to earth and easy going and made the process of learning more advantageous.  The use of our cameras in the classroom was integral to our learning the functionality of our cameras.  I definitely believe in hands-on learning as opposed to strictly lecture style.  I also attended the mid-day field trip and the mini lighting workshop after the intermediate course.  This was the highlight of the entire day as lighting has been so difficult for me thus far.  With just a few short tips, I feel more confident in entering the world of umbrellas, custom white balances and lighting in general.  I would highly recommend attending any workshop hosted by Forrest Briggs.  It will definitely be worth your time and money.”… Micki C., Charlotte NC

“I took a class a few weeks ago with Forrest and I learn more about my camera then I knew was possible. These are just a few of things he went over with our group – white balance, ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. Thanks Forrest!”… Michelle C., Charlotte NC

“As a beginning photographer, I feel much more confortable with the many features on my camera after taking this photography class.  I feel confident going home and practicing on my own.  Great information to take me beyond the users manual.  Thanks so much Forrest!”…Kristin W., Raleigh NC

“I took both the Intro and the Intermediate Classes today. Highly recommend these classes. I knew how to use some features of my camera, which I have been underutilizing. Forrest helped me to go well beyond those. Be sure and do the field trip in between classes where he has you shoot in Manual Mode. It helps to bring everything into perspective. Great, and very patient, instructor.”…Katherine Nicholson, Spartanburg NC

“Thank you Forrest for doing such an outstanding job teaching us some photography skills. You are an expert in your craft. I enjoyed that you were able to engage with the students and take time with us to make sure we understood, before moving on to the next component of the lesson. I looking forward to taking another class with you! I will also be recommending others.”…Janet B., Greenville, SC

“Forrest Briggs Photography did a wonderful job executing the photography for our Young Executive Networking event.  He and his partner took professional headshots of each Young Executive and despite having limited time with each subject, they were able to take 5-6 shots of each while capturing each individual’s emotions.  We would recommend Forrest for any professional or social photography session.”
Dylan Petrick, General Manager, Greenville Commerce Club.

“I am amazed how Forrest Briggs can catch that moment in time that leaves people speechless. As my husband began praying with the fighters from Revolution Martial Arts, Forrest was able to freeze the most reverent moment. The men stood around my husband as he knelt to pray for safety and guidance for the fighters. Forrest did an amazing job to capture that moment and freeze it forever. The picture now hangs in our karate school and we gave each coach and fighter a copy. The picture represents how our school got started. It started with my husband, David, and the head coach, Jimmy Fowler, on their knees praying for guidance and praying that God’s will be done in our karate school.  Thank you Forrest for giving us more memories!!”.
Michelle Fowler, Revolution Martial Arts

“I couldn’t be more happy with the photos that Forrest took of my family. He’s absolutely masterful at working with light and was able to create a mood in our shots that I haven’t seen elsewhere. I liked a few of the black and white portraits so much I got them printed and framed and gave them to my wife for our 10th anniversary. She’s in love with them and immediately hung them in our home. Forrest is also a very laid back, friendly guy and worked really well with our young kids. We’re looking forward to him taking more shots of us in the future!”
John C.

“Forrest was a joy to work with.  His professionalism and attention to detail made for a comfortable experience. From our first meeting, I was confident that he would do an excellent job with my headshots and photography needs.  He has a real passion for light that shines through in his work. I look forward to using his photos for my business and social media.”
Davyd Field, President, Gravity Vortex.

“It was a pleasure working with Forrest.  I was impressed at how quickly he had my headshots processed and ready for me.  Along with that, I loved how easy he is to work with and how he brings amazing concepts and a mastery of lighting to each of our portrait sessions.  I have now worked with him on 3 occasions and all of them were well worth it.”.
Sultana R.

“In the process of redesigning the website for our manufacturing business, we wanted photography that would capture the intricacy of our products yet be artistic and interesting. Forrest Briggs did an excellent job on both accounts. Through shading and a variety of angles he turned what could have been very mundane equipment shots into eye catching photographs. We would recommend Forrest for manufacturing or other business photography. We look forward to working with him on additional projects.”.
Janet Grey, CEO , Genie Products, Inc.

“My photo shoot today with Forrest Briggs was a great experience.  He is a such a nice and respectful guy. very down to earth. Everything was professional and I really enjoyed my portrait session with him and look forward to shooting again with him someday soon.”
Toni P.

“We had a great experience using Forrest for our baby/family photos.  He was very creative and used lighting, texture, and variety during the session and professional editing in the final proofs.  He was timely and accommodating throughout the process.  We were able to use two photographs in our Christmas card and plan to use him again as our family grows.  We would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for professional portraits.  Thanks!!!”
 Chris & Jen B, Charlotte, NC