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Everything About Greenville Headshots and Portraits

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Amazing business headshots created by Forrest Briggs, the highest rated Greenville headshot photographer!  Call 864-336-3554 now!

Greenville Headshot Basics

Why do I need a LinkedIn portrait or business headshot?



Looking for the best headshot photographer in Greenville, SC?  Well, keep reading!  Your online image is your first opportunity to impress potential customers.  You want to post a headshot that conveys trustworthiness, competence, approachability and that stands out from the crowd.  Avoid posting snapshots from fun nights out, as they usually don’t convey the required level of professionalism.  Instead, post every aspect of your business online.

There are simple things to remember when updating your headshot.  Firstly, does the distance between you and the camera contribute to your trustworthiness and attractiveness.  Secondly, is your photo merely average or is it better than your competitors? Furthermore, does it exude your personality and help establish trust with your potential clients?  If you are serious about growing your business, you should therefore invest in a quality executive headshot.    It is also a good practice to update your profile photo regularly, as fashion and styles change.  Your clothes, the lighting, your expression, your pose, the background will all be considered.

Types of business headshots (aka business portrait, corporate headshot, executive headshot, LinkedIn Picture etc):

We create business photos in several locations in Greenville SC and around The Upstate. Headshots and business portraits can be reduced to two basic types – in studio and on location.  In studio headshots are great to create consistent photos however sometimes they don’t fully communicate your unique brand.  Location headshots are therefore more dynamic and engaging.  They can involve one’s workplace environment, a specific skillset or a unique interest.

The location headshot also serves to communicate your interest, hobbies or expertise and establishes common ground between you and your client.  Have you ever found yourself or someone else scrambling for smalltalk?   A current LinkedIn business portrait that expresses your unique personality opens a doorway for conversation flow at networking events.

What to expect on the day we create your professional photos for work:

We know you are busy and that’s why we make sure that it takes only a few minutes to photograph your business headshot.  Our photographers create and test the lighting conditions and know what poses to use prior to your arrival.  We know what looks to evoke and which environment to use based on the message you want to communicate, your body type, personality, job, etc.  Thus most of the work is conducted before you arrive at the location. This means that you don’t waste your time and can get to the other important items on your agenda that day.

You will leave our studio feeling good and with a favorable impression in your mind.  You will enjoy your professional portrait experience!

What is included in your Greenville headshot session:

Professional directing / coaching

We are masters at putting you at ease to evoke your best expression.  More specifically, we will create a portfolio of various expressions, poses, demeanors, etc. You can therefore sit back, enjoy the ride and leave the details and hard work to us.

Immediate image review

Unlike other photographers, we show your images to you instantly so you can select your images the same day.  This means you receive your final images faster.

Lighting for Greenville business headshots:

Be aware of business portrait photographers (or any Greenville headshot photographer for that matter) who proudly promote themselves as “natural light photographers”.  Natural light (i.e. the sun) is good for portraits if combined with studio lights and / or some type of modifier. However, relying only on the sun as a light source creates headshots that are usually either too flat (on overcast days) or too contrasty (on clear days).  Also the sun creates very harsh, unappealing shadows.  Either way, the results are unflattering.  A Greenville photographer who understands correct lighting techniques can make his / her client’s business portrait speak volumes.

Best locations for the headshot in Greenville SC:

There are dozens of captivating and picturesque locations for your professional headshot in Greenville SC.  Everyone knows about Falls Park and Liberty Bridge.  There are however several other locations listed here.  We also have our secret favorites available only to our clients.

If you are not looking for an outdoor location portrait in Greenville, consider our studio headshots in Greenville.  While we enjoy shooting outdoors, we are masters with using different lighting modifiers to create professional headshots that make a statement.

Retouching services, editing and Photoshop

Most Greenville photographers offer retouching services for your executive business portrait.  The photographer’s job is to correct for any blemishes, wrinkles, crows-feet, smile lines, stray hairs, acne, bags under the eyes, etc. We typically make you look five to ten years younger.  Having said that, too much editing can have a negative effect on your executive portrait.  While it’s nice to look a few years younger in your headshot without having to invest in plastic surgery or some fad diet, making one look like a china doll is not desirable.  Skin has imperfections and texture.  If these are overcorrected in Photoshop, the photo looks fake.

We have over twenty years of Photoshop editing experience.  In fact, we oftentimes spend more time editing images than we do behind the camera.   A few edits include – Teeth whitening, removing wrinkles, removing Scars / blemishes,  softening your skin, more vibrant eyes, removing hair flyaways, defining your jawline and much more.

Where and how to use your professional business LinkedIn headshot:

A professional business headshot (executive headshot, business headshot, business portrait, etc) is the easiest and quickest way to make a great first impression with your audience.  Your target market tends to buy from people / businesses they identify with.  Nowadays,  it’s easy to build familiarity and rapport in the minds of your consumers before you ever meet them.   You have probably noticed that Google posts people’s photos alongside their search rankings.  You see them everyday on LinkedIn.  One study concludes that an image in your search  results increases click-throughs by 150%.  Thus the advantages to one’s personal branding by having a professional headshot attached to each of one’s social media pages are obvious (we all want more click-throughs, right?).  In addition to having your business headshot on your website, other uses for the executive headshot include:

  • On your business card
  • Attached to your resume
  • Book covers / CD covers
  • Speaking engagements
  • Print magazines / online magazines
  • Advertisements
  • Press releases
  • On your “about us” page
  • On your blog
  • Annual reports
  • Attorney headshots
  • Trade show banners
  • Email signature
  • ERAS applications
  • Social Media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc)
  • Billboards

Improve your search results by creating and refining your brand!

How much should a business portrait cost?

There are a lot of factors to consider when pricing professional headsets.  The amount you pay can vary depending upon the photographer’s experience, skill, services provided, the location, creative effort and the difficult of the shoot.  Therefore, a realistic amount to pay is $495 – $1495.  One bit of caution –  be careful with photographers who offer headshots / portraits at a discount.  Price can be a good indicator of inexperience.  Remember, you are not only paying for a fancy camera or good lighting but also for the photographer’s creative eye, shooting style, ability to produce the desired results, customer service, experience, technical expertise, quick turnaround, etc.  Good photographers can create excellent portraits with a very basic equipment.  In contrast, inexperienced photographers will produce paltry images no matter how expensive their camera is.  Based upon our decades of experience, we typically create the perfect corporate image the first time we click the shutter.  

Do you photograph group portraits, group headshots and / or executive teams?

Yes!  We love photographing groups so please reach out to us for pricing regarding photographing group images and / or group headshot packages. We understand how busy you are thus we offer corporate headshots on location at your office, outdoors, or wherever you desire.  Thus to reduce your time and costs, we bring the camera and the studio to you!  This free service helps your business economize on time and do what it does best… make money!

In brief, we are the best and highest rated Greenville headshots photographers.  Please google our business for browse our reviews / testimonials from hundreds of satisfied clients.  We look forward to working with you!

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Greenville SC Professional Headshots

Business Headshot Reviews

Here’s what people are saying about professional business headshots photographer Forrest Briggs:

“Forrest Briggs Photography certainly did a wonderful job executing the headshots for our Young Executive Networking event.  He and his partner took professional headshots of each Young Executive and despite having limited time with each subject, they were able to take 5-6 shots of each while capturing each individual’s emotions.  We would recommend Forrest for any professional headshot or social photography session.”…Dylan Petrick, General Manager, Greenville Commerce Club.

“If only there were more stars to give to Forrest Briggs Photography for the work they done for me personally as well as a client of mine. Forrest is an absolute professional regarding his passion.  It shows in each and every picture. I cannot say enough about the pictures he provided for us, it really painted the picture, look, and feel we wanted…. If you’re in need of any personal photography or looking for someone who will make your business especially SHINE – Call Forrest Briggs Photography!”… Scott Meadows, President, Red Spark Marketing

“Forrest was a joy to work with.  His professionalism and attention to detail made for a comfortable experience. From our first meeting, I was confident that he would do an excellent job with my professional business headshots and commercial photography needs.  He obviously has a real passion for light that shines through in his work.  I look forward to using his photos for my business and social media.”Davyd Field, President, Gravity Vortex.

More reviews of our business headshots

“Forrest was a pleasure to work with! He was very professional and made me feel comfortable with the camera.  I absolutely love my headshots.  All in all they are even better than I could have imagined!”  Sarah D., Greenville, SC

“He is second to none. He took my headshot photos and I couldn’t have been more pleased. Obviously he is professional and thorough – something that makes a photo shoot go very smooth.”Erick Arbe, AO Studios

“I used Forrest Briggs Photography for a professional Real Estate headshot and have received several compliments on his work. Forrest is very professional and does a great job! I would especially recommend his services to anyone who needs professional services or family portraits. This guy is awesome!”…Crystall O., Greenville, SC

“I’ve worked with Forrest with headshots where he dedicated a lot of time and used great lighting techniques to achieve a range of professional shots. He is very adept at capturing the best environment and approach to best tell you or your company’s story via photos.”… Holly Rollins, 10-X Group

More reviews of marketing headshots and product photos

“Forrest Briggs Photography is especially recommended here at Buchanan Gas. Forrest produced great photography for our new website. If you need professional photography in your home or business there is no doubt Forrest Briggs is obviously the person to call.”…Buchanan Gas LP

“I needed some new photos for some marketing material and Forrest did a great professional job from start to finish! My new marketing material is an overall hit!“…Gene Donohue, Reach Your Greatness

“Working with Forrest is indeed a pure pleasure. He far exceeded our overall expectations. Forrest certainly deserves your serious attention!”… HD Auston Moving Systems

Reviews for website photos

“Beginning with the process of redesigning the website for our manufacturing business, we wanted photography that would capture the intricacy of our products yet be artistic and interesting. Forrest Briggs did an excellent job on both accounts. Through proper lighting, shading and a variety of angles he turned what could have been very mundane equipment shots into eye-catching photographs. We altogether recommend Forrest for manufacturing or other business photography.  Hence We look forward to working with him on additional projects.“…Janet Grey, CEO , Genie Products, Inc.

“Commercial photographer Forrest Briggs did an amazing job creating images for our website as well as our marketing materials (such as for our 6 Arts Summer Camp for Kids). A pleasure to work with! He understands customer service and delivered results that exceeded our highest expectations. If you need outstanding results for your marketing efforts, contact Forrest. Finally, I would recommend Forrest Briggs Photography for commercial and headshot photography!”...Haru Raja, Owner, Raja Academy of Martial Arts

Reviews on family photos and portraits

I couldn’t be more happy with the photos that Forrest took of my family. He’s absolutely masterful at working with light and was able to create a mood in our shots that I haven’t seen elsewhere. I liked a few of the black and white portraits so much I got them printed and afterwards framed and after that gave them to my wife for our 10th anniversary. She’s in love with them and immediately hung them in our home. Forrest is also a very laid back, friendly guy and worked really well with our young kids. We’re looking forward to him taking more shots of us in the future!”… John C.

“We had a great experience using Forrest for our baby/family photos.  Not only was he was very creative and used lighting, but also texture, and variety during the session he professionally edited the final proofs.  He was timely and accommodating throughout the process.  We were furthermore able to use two photographs in our Christmas card and plan to use him again as our family grows.  We therefore would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for professional photographs.  Thanks!!!” Chris & Jen B, Charlotte, NC

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