Industrial Photographer in Greenville SC provides tips for creating amazing industrial photographs.

Construction and manufacturing in Greenville SC is on the rise.  To compete, companies in this industry will want to use an experienced industrial photographer to promote their services.

Each year, more and more companies are relocating to Greenville SC and the upstate area to take advantages of the assets this area has to offer.  To capitalize on this investment, companies need to showcase their construction projects both to the community and to their customers.  Here are a few ways that an industrial photographer can best photograph a company’s projects in the upstate area.


Industrial construction photography Greenville


Know the location

The industrial photographer needs to have a thorough understanding of the construction project and / or site location for several reasons.  First, he will need to determine the orientation of the site so that he can therefore he can find the best time of day to photograph the subject.  Second, the photographer will need to be familiar with the manufacturing processes of the company.  Finally the industrial photographer will provide more creative suggestions if they understand the nuances of the product as well as its production sequence.

Understand the industry and the factory

During the preproduction phase of the photoshoot, the industrial photographer should meet with the client.  This consultation will help to manage both parties’ expectations.  It will also give the photographer an opportunity to properly prepare for the shoot.  He will assess lighting conditions, determine unique angles, list the required equipment and therefore better understand the client’s story.

Bring the right equipment (Lenses, Filters, Tripod)

As mentioned above, the required equipment varies from location to location.  A jib, slider (for video or time-lapse), filters and other equipment for the industrial photographer’s shoot will vary based on the project.  One ‘must have’ item is a good tripod because this will be valuable for creating sharp images.  Industrial photos that create motion by dragging the shutter are almost always nice additions to a client’s portfolio.  Combining a good tripod and a bit of creativity will therefore produce some creative images.

Industrial portraits – Great way to communicate the industrial and human interaction

Photos can communicate a great deal about the company.  Images that depict the subjects immersed in their day to day routines (i.e., Industrial portraits) help to reinforce your brand.  These images also bring a ‘human touch’ to an otherwise automated industry.


Industrial Photographer Greenville


Industrial Photographer Greenville


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