What we do as event photographers and videographers

Based in Greenville, SC, we provide event coverage across the country as well as internationally.  We specialize in corporate retreats and sales events.  Our client list includes  industry giants such as BMW, Comcast, Westinghouse, GE, Bank of America, United Community Bank, Keller Williams, Furman University, and others.  Our event photographers and videographers capture everything from grip and grins, step and repeats, candid shots, celebrity appearances, and team building activities.  We even offer on site printing so your attendees leave with something to brag about.  Your images are typically available the same day. 

Document your retreat for both internal and external uses

A good photographer and videographer will capture the true spirit of the event.  Historically, event photography and videography documented an important speaker or employee at an awards ceremony.  While these images are important to the corporate culture, innovative companies recognize their events as a social media gold mine.  Businesses can leverage images from an event to create compelling stories for internal and external marketing.  These visuals are great to post, blog and vlog about and to showcase the experience for the world to see.  This in turn creates brand awareness, employee buy-in, and client retention.   It is therefore important to record the entire corporate event experience from arrival to the awards ceremony to the after party.

What makes a good event photographer?

Every event has a different feel, setting and a different scope of work.  Therefore, you want to ensure your event photographer and videographer has a high skill level.  Use google and social media to research how long they have been actively documenting various ceremonies. From business occasions to weddings, each photographer/videographer will have a different style. For example, someone who specializes in weddings might not have the skill to capture the important moments in a corporate event setting.  So once you figure out the event style, hire someone with the appropriate skill set.  Another component of amazing event photography / videography is making sure your photographer / videographer has a second shooter.  Two professionals behind the lens ensure that your event has full coverage of all the ‘must have’ shots. A good event photographer makes the attendees feel like celebrities and as a result adds prestige and credibility to your event. 

The human connection

Personality goes a long way and you definitely want a photographer who is going to represent your event (and your brand) accordingly.  This includes his / her attire, demeanor, and social skills.  We blend in at your event so the attendees are as relaxed in front of the camera as they are in the comfort of their own homes.  We make sure everyone is enjoying themselves in front of the lens.  Images from your corporate event will already social media ready and primed for your marketing channels.  We always show up ahead of time to look over the venue to find the perfect picture locations. 

Contact Forrest Briggs at 864-336-3554 or click here for an immediate quote for your corporate event photography and videography needs.


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Contact Forrest Briggs at 864-336-3554 or click here for an immediate quote for your corporate event photography and videography needs.