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Commercial Architectural Photography Checklist.

Architectural photographer Forrest Briggs provides insight on how to hire the right person to photograph your architecture project in Greenville SC.

Commercial architectural photography in Greenville, SC should be easy to create when working with the right photographer.  They are responsible for delivering outstanding images to your architecture / engineering / construction firm in a timely manner.  There are several ways to ensure you hire the right architectural photographer to photograph your industrial and commercial architecture projects.

Here is a list of things to keep in mind when considering commercial architectural photography in Greenville SC.

1. Does their commercial architecture photography portfolio showcase diverse work or merely photos from a single location?

2. Are the architectural photography images cropped correctly? ]  Are the verticals and horizontals true?  Did they remove obstructions to make the photos as pleasing as possible?  Do their architectural photos have any distortion that Photoshop can solve?  Is their architectural photography portfolio just a bunch of images straight out of the camera?

3. Your eye should flow naturally around the image to the most important elements that the engineers and architects intended.  The photographer will accomplish this through proper lighting and use of Photoshop.

4. The image should be a completed product, meaning that the details were addressed and therefore, the sky looks nice, all distractions should be removed, etc.  This seems like a small matter, but sky color will drastically effect how your client reacts to your image.

5. Verify the Greenville SC architectural photographer’s references and talk to other architects and engineers the photographer has worked with.

6. Architecture should be lit in a manner similar to nice portraits or a succulent food images, since the architectural photographer should be able to control the highlights and shadows.  This will bring attention to some areas while downplaying others.  Good architectural photography might use several lights.

There are other items to remember when considering or hiring an architectural photographer in Greenville, SC.

Whomever you hire, always review their portfolio and architectural photography before contracting with them as this will help you to determine if their style matches how you envision your project.  I covered some important factors when hiring an architectural photographer, landscape photographer, construction photographer, or interior design photographer.  The right photographer will help you to effectively attract the right clients.  This applies to architects, general contractors, landscape architects, engineers or any design-build related firm.  Your architectural photography portfolio is the best way to demonstrate your competence to your potential clients.  With superb architectural images,  you will stand out from your competitors in Greenville SC.   Thus, it’s crucial that you hire the right architectural photographer.


Greenville SC Architectural Photography


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Greenville SC Architectural Photography

Greenville SC Architectural Photography

Greenville SC Architectural Photography

Greenville SC Architecture Photographer

Greenville SC Architecture Photographer

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