Architectural Photographer in Greenville SC.

A Greenville architectural photographer will showcase your home to help you sell it fast.  For architects and designers, good images will enhance your portfolio so that the world can see your creation in the most favorable manner possible.  Your masterpiece may look nice in person, but what if your customers are too busy to experience it in first hand?  Hire an architectural photographer to help your potential clients understand your design expertise.  There are several options for communicating your architectural wonders via photographs.  Some of these include aerial photos, drone photos, exterior photos and interior photos.


Greenville Architectural Photographer


Greenville Architectural Photographer




Aerial and Drone Photos

Use aerial photography for architectural projects that need to be seen from directly overhead.  Try using an airplane or helicopter if you need images from above 500 feet.

Drones are great tools to use when photographing an architectural project. Drones (or UAVs as they are also referred to) can photograph and video structures that are impossible to reach by any other means.  Since these devices can fly just above ground level, they are perfect for use in a courtyard, near an entryway, and just above the roof of a building.  Moreover, since drones are a fairly new technology, many firms (your competitors) are not using them and thus you can make your portfolio of work stand out from that of other architects.  Contact a Greenville architectural photographer for quotes on drone images.

Greenville Architectural Photographer – Interior

Photographing exteriors and interiors require two entirely different skills.  Exterior lighting relies heavily on natural light since there are two times of day to photograph the exterior architecture of a house – mornings and evenings.  There are three reasons for photographing during these times.  1. The sun is lower on the horizon and it provides surfaces with a warm amber or reddish glow.  2. Shadows are longer and their transition is less abrupt than at midday.  3.  It seems like there will be fewer distractions from people and cars during these times.  A Greenville architectural photographer should be well aware of these.

Greenville Architectural Photographer – Exterior

Greenville architectural photographer can make a difficult shoot easy.  The photographer needs an understanding of lighting (quality of light, light modifiers, color temperatures, gels, etc), composition and staging.  Moreover, they need to be able to articulate the architect’s vision and tell a complete story in just a few images.  The devil is in properly staging the various rooms and thus the image can speak volumes once the photographer determines the best way to stage the room and light it.

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