ERAS Headshot for Residency Application Photo

A good ERAS photo will help with your application acceptance to the residency program / fellowship of your choice.

Greenville ERAS application photos “Forrest is very professional, fast without compromising quality, and fairly priced. I was very pleased with his work and would definitely recommend him to anyone.”  Ashley Williams-Hernandez, USC School of Medicine Greenville, Class of 2017.

The Need for a Good ERAS Headshot


South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville Students – You live in Greenville, SC and you’ve spent the past several working towards your dream of practicing medicine.  Sure, you breezed through biochemistry and gross anatomy.  Unfortunately, intellect isn’t everything when applying to residency programs.  A good ERAS headshot with correct lighting communicates your enthusiasm and competence as well.  Wouldn’t it be great to tilt the odds in your favor when submitting your application photo for your residency interview?  Now you can!

Get an Edge on Your Competition

Convey your determination on your residency application and set yourself apart from the competition through your professional headshot.    Lucky for you, you live in Greenville, SC where the best ERAS headshot / portrait photographer, with the most 5-star reviews is here to help you make a visual impression on the screening committee.   Forrest Briggs Photography ensures that your headshot for your residency / fellowship application conveys confidence, intelligence and approachability (after all, you want those qualities in your doctor, right?).  Medical students have busy schedules, so in as little as ten minutes, you will have an array of professional portraits to select from.  Forrest will help you cull the photos for your specific needs.  Are you applying through ERAS and in a bit of a time crunch?  In less than 24 hours you will receive a professionally retouched headshot for your residency application.

Don’t wait!  Call now for availability (864) 336-3554 or email or contact me here.

What to expect when you arrive for your headshot session:

Not everyone is comfortable having their photos for ERAS made (why do you think I prefer to be behind the camera 😉 and thus your residency application portrait will be a quick, easy and relaxing experience (think Thai beaches, minus the hagglers hawking t-shirts and useless trinkets).  Don’t worry about blotchy skin, coffee-stained teeth or bags under your eyes from last night’s rotation (that’s the beauty of Photoshop).   I will set up the lighting prior to your arrival and thus economize on your valuable time.  All you need to do is bring the proper attire and your smile.  Your professional portrait is photographed on a solid white or gray background to conform to ERAS.

Do’s and Don’ts for submitting ERAS photos to residency committees:

-Do wear the business attire from the waist up (yes, I’ve photographed several students wearing shorts, cutoffs, etc.).  Men, this means a jacket and tie (preferably not the bow tie you wore during your frat days to impress the coeds… and you still went home alone!).   Solids are always better than patterns and loud colors.

-Do shave (men).  The Don Johnson look was cool…before you were born (incidentally, Miami Vice bombed at the theaters in 2006).  This look hasn’t been in style since the 80’s.  Let’s all do our part to keep it that way.

-Don’t submit a selfie as a headshot.  This will be the worst decision you ever make.  Need I say more?

-Don’t submit a photo with your application that can damage your chances of being accepted (see previous two bullet points).

-Don’t wear your white coat (The residency committee probably assumes that you’ve spent a few years in med school).  No need to restate the obvious.

-Don’t stay up worrying the night before. I’ve created hundreds of headshots for everyone from Fortune 500 execs to medical doctors at Emory University.  Relax, you are in good hands.

Photo Requirements

-Dimensions: 2.5″ x 3.5″

-Resolution: 150 dpi

-File Size: 150 kb

Don’t wait Greenville Medical Students!  Call now for availability (864) 336-3554 or email or contact me here for more information on your professional portrait for residency applications.

ERAS Headshots Greenville SC

Medical Residency Headshot Greenville SC

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ERAS Headshots Greenville SC