Guidelines for creating amazing realtor headshots:

Every realtor wants to increase their number of qualified leads and ultimately their number of closings.  The question is, where do we spend our time and resources in order to accomplish this?  Perhaps the most affordable way to make a memorable impression is with a compelling headshot / professional business portrait.  Clients want to know that they are doing business with not only a competent and reliable realtor, but also a trustworthy one.  You can ensure that your professional headshot achieves these qualities by following a few simple guidelines for realtor headshots:

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  • Wear solid color and if at all possible, avoid wearing plaid, stripes, prints and dots… they are confusing.  You want people to remember your face and therefore by wearing solids, your face will remain the center of attention.
  • Always go with seeves over sleeveless.  Arms and business portraits don’t mix well.
  • Consider wearing colors similar to your company’s colors.  This may help your target market connect your personal branding with your agency’s brand.
  • Avoid flesh tone (beige, tan, etc).
  • Avoid blacks – thy lack detail and can appear “flat” if not properly lit.

The Shoot

  • Smile!  – Even if you are a bit concerned about your teeth, studies show that people are attracted to those who show their teeth when they smile.  Your photographer should be able to create stunningly white and straight teeth while retouching your images.  The important thing – make sure that your smile is natural and comes from within.  People love sincerity.
  • Watch the ‘overly-dramatic’ lighting.  The lighting should be fairly even across your face, with one side perhaps lit a bit brighter than the other.  Dramatic / moody portraits are better for creating a somber mood, therefore probably not the best way to woo clients.
  • Consider an environmental shoot (headshot at a location where you have properties listed… a lakehouse, a resort, beach condo, mountain home, etc) to further help with your branding.  Selecting the right location and background speaks to your clientele.


  • Every professional photographer should offer retouching for your realty portrait.  Most use Adobe Photoshop.
  • While many photographers boast about their Photoshop skills, it is easy to make the mistake of an ‘overly-photoshopped’ image.
  • Typical edits include whiter teeth, reducing wrinkles, reducing dark areas under the eyes, smoothing the skin, and removing flyaways.
  • Depending on your age, you want to look 5-10 years younger, not 30 years younger. Don’t over-edit your headshot.

Other guidelines for creating amazing realtor headshots

  • Men – shave before your portrait session. If facial hair is part of your everyday look, be sure it is well groomed.
  • Women – use just a tad bit of makeup.  This will help to reduce highlights on your face.
  • Keep your jewelry simple.
  • Get enough sleep the night before the photoshoot.  While bloodshot eyes and bags can be addressed in the editing process, nothing beats a well rested look.
  • Update your headshot every two years.  Fashion and hairstyles change.  So do your looks and physique over time.

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