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Everything About Simpsonville Portraits and Headshots

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Simpsonville Headshot Basics

Why do I need a LinkedIn portrait or business headshot?

Your prospective clients want to do business with someone who looks trustworthy, competent and approachable.  Not surprisingly, the first opportunity you have to impress your customers is online via your LinkedIn headshot / portrait.  Everybody’s profile and webpage are online. What type of feeling do you leave in your prospect’s mind?  Posting a snapshot from a fun night out on the town may be well intended. However, it usually doesn’t convey the degree of professionalism required to attract customers.

Your prospects will evaluate every element of your business portrait.  Fore example, your clothes, the lighting, your expression, your pose, the background will all be examined.  There are simple things to consider when updating your headshot. Firstly, does the distance between you and the camera contributes to your perceived trustworthiness and attractiveness. Secondly, is your photo merely average or does it eclipse that of your competitors?  Therefore, if you are serious about the direction you want your business to grow, invest in a quality executive headshot.  Make sure it undeniably exudes your personality and helps establish trust with your potential clients.  It is a good practice to update your profile photo regularly, as fashion and styles change.

Types of business headshots (aka business portrait, corporate headshot, executive headshot, LinkedIn Picture etc):

Headshots and business portraits can be reduced to two basic types – in studio and on location.  The former is great to standardize photos however sometimes they don’t fully communicate your unique professionalism.  Location shoots are consequently more dynamic and engaging.  They can incorporate one’s workplace environment, a specific skillset or a unique interest.  While I have photographed headshots in several locations around the Upstate region, one of my more memorable ones was for a credit merchant who is also an avid outdoorsman.  When asked if I could shoot his business portrait in Jones Gap State Park, I subsequently replied, “Absolutely! What time?”.

The location headshot also serves as an icebreaker as it communicates your interest, hobbies or expertise and establishes common ground between the two of you.  Have you ever found yourself or someone else scrambling for smalltalk?   A current LinkedIn business portrait that expresses your unique personality opens a doorway for conversation flow at networking events.

Lighting for Simpsonville business headshots:

Be wary of business headshot photographers (or any portrait photographers for that matter) who proudly promote themselves as “natural light photographers”.  There is nothing wrong with natural light (i.e. the sun) portraits if coupled with studio lights and / or some type of modifier. However, using the sun as the sole light source creates headshots that are usually either too flat (on overcast days) or too contrasty (on clear days).  A professional headshot photographer who understands correct lighting techniques can make his client’s business portrait literally pop off the page.

What to expect on the day of the shoot:

It takes only a few minutes to photograph your business headshot.  Typically the professional headshot photographer creates and tests the desired lighting conditions and knows what poses to use prior to the client’s arrival.  S/he knows what look to evoke and environment to create based on the message they want to communicate, their body type, personality, job, etc.  The overwhelming majority of work is conducted before you arrive at the location, this means minimal time commitment (as little as five minutes) from you so as to not interrupt your busy schedule.

After the business portrait session you should have a favorable impression in your mind.  It should not only be an enjoyable experience but also memorable.  If your session starts to drag on, or your headshot photographer is in a foul mood, call attention to this, just as you would with any other service you experience.

Best locations for the headshot in Simpsonville SC:

There are dozens of captivating and picturesque locations for your professional headshot in Simpsonville SC.  Everyone knows about Falls Park and Liberty Bridge.  However there are several other locations listed here.  We also have our hidden gems available only to our clients.

If you are not looking for an outdoor location portrait in Simpsonville, consider a studio image.  While we enjoy shooting outdoors, we are masters with using different lighting modifiers to create professional headshots that make a statement.

Retouching services, editing and Photoshop

Most professional photographers offer retouching services for your executive business portrait.  The photographer’s job is to correct for any blemishes, wrinkles, crows-feet, smile lines, to whiten the teeth, minimize bags under the eyes, etc. This will therefore make you look 5 to 10 years younger.  Having said that, there is certainly a thing as too much editing.  While its nice to look a few years younger in your headshot without having to invest in plastic surgery or some fad diet, making one look like a chinadoll is not desirable.  Skin has imperfections and texture.  If these are overcorrected in Photoshop, we basically appear mannequin-like.

Where and how to use your professional business LinkedIn headshot:

A professional business headshot (executive headshot, business headshot, business portrait, etc) is the easiest and quickest way to make a great first impression with your audience.  Your target market tends to buy from people / businesses they identify with.  Nowadays,  it’s easy to build familiarity and rapport in the minds of your consumers before you ever meet them.   You have probably noticed that Google posts people’s photos alongside their search rankings.  You see them everyday on LinkedIn.  One study concludes that an image in your search  results increases click-throughs by 150%.  Thus the advantages to one’s personal branding by having a professional headshot attached to each of one’s social media pages are obvious (we all want more click-throughs, right?).  In addition to having your business headshot on your website, other uses for the executive headshot include:

  • On your business card
  • Attached to your resume
  • Book covers / CD covers
  • Speaking engagements
  • Print magazines / online magazines
  • Advertisements
  • Press releases
  • On your “about us” page
  • On your blog
  • Annual reports
  • Trade show banners
  • Email signature
  • ERAS applications
  • Social Media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc)
  • Billboards

Improve your search results by creating and refining your brand!

How much should a business portrait cost?

The price of the corporate headshot varies depending upon the photographer’s experience, skill, services provided, the location and the complexity of the shoot.  A realistic amount to pay in this region is $395 – $895, depending upon the above.  Therefore, be careful with photographers who offer headshots / portraits at a discount.  Price can obviously be a good indicator of inexperience.  Remember, you are not only paying for a fancy camera or complex lighting but also for the photographer’s creative eye, shooting style, ability to produce the desired results, customer service, experience, technical expertise, etc.  Good photographers can create excellent portraits with a very basic equipment.  Poor / inexperienced photographers will not produce the desired images no matter how fancy / expensive their camera. We like to create the perfect corporate image the first time we click the shutter.  

Do you photograph group portraits and group headshots?

Yes!  Please contact us for pricing regarding photographing group images.

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