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Your senior year of high school is full of significant events.  Touring colleges, enjoying your final football games and dances, and even your senior pictures to name a few. Your weekends and afternoons after school will undoubtedly fill up quickly. Thus remember to leave enough time for everything related to your Upstate senior pictures.

Senior photo season starts when your senior year begins. Although September may seem too early to think about your yearbook photo, it is not. Optimally you should try to book someone before Thanksgiving, but it is never too early or late! Autumn is the best time to start looking for a local professional photographer. Having a friend or amateur might sound like a good idea, keep in mind the benefits of hiring a professional. A potential disaster could arise from trying to save money. Your senior pictures are important and best left to a trained professional.

Researching your Upstate Senior Portrait

Spend a few weeks reviewing your options and talking with different professionals about how you envision the final result. The Upstate photographer will also have questions for you to determine whether you are a good fit. When you have found the “one,” you can choose a date and start planning the details.

Once you have booked a photographer for your Upstate senior pictures, you can decide on the look you would like for your senior portraits.  This includes choosing an aesthetic, booking a venue, and selecting your wardrobe. It is a good idea to have a few wardrobe options ready to go about two weeks before your photoshoot. Accidents will happen, and this way you can be sure everything fits properly and is comfortable to wear before the big day.

Is a Makeup Artist Necessary for your Senior Photo?

Your upstate senior portrait photographer may have a makeup artist or hairstylist with whom they prefer to work. It may prove easier to work with someone the photographer knows and trusts.  The final decision is up to you. Whomever you decide to work with, ensure you give yourself plenty of time between your appointments for travel and unexpected events.

If possible, schedule your photo shoot between the start of the fall semester and Thanksgiving, as it seems unlikely you will have time to plan and execute everything in the final months before graduation. Furthermore, image selection and the editing process takes time. Moreover, if your photographer cannot provide you with physical prints, you should also set aside extra time to locate a printer.

Be mindful of any deadlines or regulations your school may have regarding upstate senior portraits. Do not wait to ask about them. Find out as soon as possible as your yearbook committee may review submissions or request alternatives if images do not meet your school requirements. While this may seem intimidating, rest assured that your photographer knows about any time constraints you have and can give you advice about specific concerns about the time frame for your senior pictures.  If they have experience, they can deal with tight deadlines.

With a little planning and forethought, you can make your senior picture experience completely painless. Remember, the sooner you start, the sooner you can cross your yearbook photo off your senior year to-do list.

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