In the past, senior photos were a predictable affair.  Yearbooks were filled with pages of 17 and 18 year olds standing outside arms crossed and smiling.   Times change.  While parents and grandparents might want a more traditional (boring) portrait from you, your senior photo should be all about you.  Your senior yearbook photo is your time to shine, so you need to ensure yours flaunt your personality.  If you really want to stand out in your senior portrait, you’ll want to consider one of these hot trends for senior photos in 2017.

Destination or Location Shoot

Do you have a favorite hidden spot, or know of a hidden jewel where you’d like to have your senior photo taken?  Location or destination shoots can make a big impact.  You’ll remember the experience forever if you choose a unique location for your senior portraits.  Plus, interesting landscapes give your photographer an opportunity to really show their skill.  They’ll need to balance the beauty of the landscape with the real focus of the picture, you.  

Concept Shoot

Have a favorite TV show, movie or superhero?  Well, one of the coolest new trends in senior photos is the concept shoot.  Your imagination’s the limit here, so if you’re a lover of sci-fi, cosplay, or even Hamilton, a concept shoot is up your alley.  Your photographer will be able to work with you setting the scene, choosing the right light, and wardrobe so everything will be just right.

Candid Shots

Popular among moms, candid shots are a great way to tell an interesting story with your senior photo.  This type of shoot is more relaxed than some others.  All you have to do is be yourself, but the photographer will still need to give you some direction.  Candid shots are also the perfect way to showcase your special skill or interest.  Playing instruments, dancing, singing, cheering, or whatever you love make great candid shots.

Editorial Shots

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a model, now’s your chance!  Having your senior portrait taken is a photoshoot, so why not go editorial or high fashion.  You’ll really need to trust your photographer and take direction from them for outstanding editorial shots for your senior portrait, so choose wisely.  Editorial shots also make a great excuse to get your hair and makeup done professionally too so you’ll get the edgy feel you want.

Get the Perfect Senior Photos

Your senior photos need the right photographer to capture your vision perfectly.  Looking for the right senior portrait photographer in the Greenville, South Carolina area? Contact Forrest Briggs Photography to see what he can do for you.