Types of Professional Headshots

There are various types of professional business headshots. Examples include business portraits, corporate headshots, executive headshots, ERAS photos, acting headshots, etc).  Your headshot session can  be reduced to two basic types: studio and on location.  The former is great for simple photos with a fairly consistent and traditional look.  Sometimes, however, studio executive portraits don’t fully communicate your unique brand.

Professional Headshots on Location

Location shoots are much more dynamic and engaging.  They can use one’s work environment, for example an attorney’s law firm, a cafe,  the urban landscape or somewhere in nature.  While I have photographed business headshots in several locations around the upstate region and the US, one of my more memorable ones was for a credit merchant who was also an avid outdoorsman.  When asked if I could shoot his business portrait in Jones Gap State Park, I eagerly replied, “Absolutely! What time?”.

Outdoor headshots

Professional business headshots done on location are more complex than studio headshots. Your photographer may be working against an ever changing position, intensity and quality of light (the Sun). Other random conditions such as obstacles, varying weather and other casual elements may be present during the shoot. Finally, the photographer should be using reflectors, and other tools to enhance the ambient light. In the field, the photographer creates a makeshift studio, under heavy time constraints while also delivering outstanding and professional customer service. Regardless of the location, the rules of business portraiture do not change. Engaging professional business photography will use good lighting, shadows, expressions, poses, etc.

The value of a good headshot

In addition to the dynamic nature of a unique background and amazing lighting conditions, another advantage of professional business headshots photographed on location is that they serves as an icebreaker and can more accurately reflect your personal branding.  By virtue of using an authentic environment your executive portrait can subconsciously communicate your interests, hobbies, expertise and establish common ground between you and your client.  Have you ever found yourself in a situation where one or both of you are scrambling for smalltalk?   A current business photo that shows your unique personality opens a doorway to keeping conversation flow at networking forums and other professional events.  If you are an actor, an headshot is an easy conversation starter. Who knows, your prospective client may have the same interests as you. If you are an attorney who needs a headshot in Greenville SC, contact us now!

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