Greenville drone photography and drone videography will provide your company with the unique footage that it needs.  Here is why:

Perhaps the best ways to keep your marketing images current and relevant is to use Greenville drone photography and drone videography.  Photos and videos created with drones provide a unique perspective of your projects.  Whether trying to showcase office space, architecture, engineering projects, construction sites, stadiums, schools or other facilities, a birds-eye view of your location is a terrific way to supplement your marketing.

Make sure you use a drone operator possesses a license from the FAA and a remote pilot certificate.  Additionally, your drone operator should carry full insurance.  Finally, your Greenville SC drone pilot must have a waiver granted by the FAA because the FAA will assess penalties for operating a drone in any controlled airspace.  Forrest Briggs possesses his Part 107 waiver and regularly flies his drones for clients in the Upstate.

These are some of the benefits of using drones for your photos and video needs:

Greenville SC Drone photography adds a remarkable perspective to your portfolio.

Drones can create photographs that are unattainable by traditional means.  Until quite recently in Greenville SC, photos and videos needed to be shot either at ground level or from an airplane.  Now it is possible to create photographs and video footage anywhere from ground level up to 400 feet.

Greenville drone photography is a great way to chronicle your projects.

There a lot of local construction projects and therefore Greenville SC drone photography and drone videography can convey a unique sense of time.  Whether using time-lapse or shooting at regular intervals, drones will demonstrate the evolution of a building or construction project.  Current technology allows an operator to program the drone to fly the exact same path, time after time.  This is great for architectural photography.

Drones can provide a unique 360-degree view.

Unlike traditional photography, drone cameras can create 360 degree photographs (horizontally) as well as from 0 to 90 degrees (vertically).  These images can be stitched together in post production to create lively panoramas.

Greenville drone photography can create views of your projects and footage unattainable using a fixed-wing aircraft.

A true birds-eye view is difficult to achieve from an airplane.  The pilot has to maneuver the plan in such a fashion that the body of the craft does not block the photo and many pilots are unwilling to fly such tricky routes.  Also, while an airplane can be used for photography and videography, it can be expensive to hire a pilot and plane.  Finally, most planes fly above 1000 feet, depending upon the air space.  Therefore Greenville SC drone photographers can capture images up to 400 feet.  This footage was impossible to create until quite recently. Now you can capture images in areas that are too low / too tight for planes – drones can hover under tree branches, transition seamlessly from exterior to interior and even fly around tight corners.  This is an impossibility for an airplane or helicopter.

Drones can fly inside of a building to create unique footage.

You can hire a Greenville SC drone to take photos and video of the interior of your facility.  From manufacturing plants to arenas to conference centers, a drone can photograph the inside of almost any building.  It can easily do this at heights that are beyond the reach of even the tallest ladders.

Drone videos deliver a cinematic feel.

Drones offer smooth panning and dolly-like action.  One of the best benefits of a drone is that its steady movement mimics that of expensive Hollywood steadicams and dollies.   A drone camera can create seamless and smooth footage along every conceivable axis – vertical, horizontal, diagonal, etc.

Here is a sample of a few of the projects we have captured with our fleet of state of the art equipment.  For more information, please contact us at (864) 336-3554 or email or click here.

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Greenville SC Drone Photography


Greenville SC Drone Photography

Greenville SC Forrest Briggs Photography


Greenville SC Drone Photography

Greenville SC Forrest Briggs Photography

For more information, please contact us at (864) 336-3554 or email or click here.