Why do hospitals need quality headshots of their medical doctors and nurses?

Oftentimes the first impression your hospital makes on its patients is via its website.  When searching for a doctor, patients usually browse a hospital website to ensure that the doctor will be a good fit.  In addition to learning about the doctor’s accolades and pedigrees, a patient also wants to know that the doctor is competent, friendly and trustworthy.

In sales and business, perceptions are everything and the healthcare industry is no different.  Headshots / portraits of doctors and medical staff play a huge role in hospital marketing and patient experience.

We can reduce the need for quality headshots for doctors, nurses and medical staff down to six bullet points.

1. Firstly, it’s a good sales tool for the hospital’s website, brochures and other communication channels.
2. Secondly, people connect with other people, not a name, words, equipment and / or a facility.
3. Furthermore, your patients want to know who will be taking care of them.
4. Moreover, there is inherent angst associated with a trip to the hospital.  Personifying the doctors will help to reduce your patient’s fear.
5. Furthermore, the right photos will communicate that the doctor and hospital are competent, friendly and eager to help.
6. In addition to their job description and expertise, a medical doctor, nurse, etc is a point of contact, a marketer, a customer service agent, and a complaint department for the hospital.  They have a big impact on the patient’s experience.   Shape the client’s perception of the doctors as the patient will spend meaningful time with them.  Use a quality headshot for the medical doctor. Period.

So who cares about quality images / portraits of medical staff?

Well, the hospital should.  People connect with images and especially headshots of other people,  and thus a web-based photo, billboard or marketing brochure is the hospital’s first opportunity to make an impression on potential patients.  The medical doctor’s pose in the photograph consciously and subconsciously affect the viewer’s perception about the doctor and hospital.  Can you trust the doctor?  Are they friendly?  Do they appear as an expert?  People sometimes experience fear and stress when visiting a hospital (let’s face it, most of us don’t see a doctor when all is well in the world) and every bit of comfort and assurance (or lack thereof) affects our experience.  Thus its important to show the patients and potential patients that the doctors are competent, approachable, friendly and will take good care of you.

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Headshots for medical doctors

Headshots are important for medical doctors

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