What is a Professional Business Photo?

Those outside the industry might not understand or even know about a corporate photographer. Some might believe that it is merely taking employee portraits company materials. However, it is so much more.

Greenville SC Corporate Photographer Explained

You probably never wondered where website corporate images come from.  Much less, who captures those images for businesses in Greenville SC.  Smart companies hire an experienced corporate photographer for the task. These images fill a variety of purposes such as images for advertising, branding and facilities, company materials, staff portraits, etc. 

Staff Portraits

Maybe you picture a scenario like having your school picture taken. This may be true for some companies, but many Greenville SC companies choose a different path for their corporate portraits. Some Greenville businesses are more traditional with staff pictures.  For example, all with a uniform background in formal attire.  Other local businesses allow for a bit more personality. Still others get downright goofy with it. There is no wrong way to portray your employees in their corporate portraits.  It just depends on your company’s culture.

Greenville SC Corporate Photographer Images

Whether you prepare fine food or do taxes, you will want to show the world the face of your company.  While it can prove difficult to remain objective with your own business, it is critical that you objectively look at your website and any branded materials. Do your images look dated? Does your website show pictures of your company from more than a decade ago? Does your training manual highlight outdated or offensive imagery? These are signs it may be time to update your corporate photography. Companies that have undergone a recent rebranding will also want to upgrade their corporate photographs.

Corporate Candid and Event Photography

If your company website features old pictures or employees who retired over a decade ago, it is time to update those images as well. Attracting new clients is a constant struggle. Your Greenville company’s public image is as important as its product or service. Therefore it pays to keep up with the competition. The photos you use online will define you, your business and your brand.  Get them done correctly and update them every three to five years. Hair, clothing, and photography styles change, so you want recent photos.

Industrial Corporate Photographer in Greenville SC

Manufacturing companies need excellent corporate photography too. It may be dirty work, but these industries provide valuable resources.  Therefore they need to be mindful of their commercial images. Industries like these should also keep their corporate training materials updated. Businesses may also hire a corporate photographer in Greenville SC for editorial images in trade magazines and industry publications.

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Greenville SC Corporate Photography