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Editorial Photographer Forrest Briggs offers a variety of services in Greenville SC for your specific needs.

What is Editorial Photography?

Editorial photography accompanies written text to tell a more complete story. Specifically, this may be in a pamphlet, magazine, newspaper, book or online materials. Occasionally, editorial photography stands alone, without text. Moreover, this allows the photographer to visually tell your story. In either case, it is important that your photographs are professional quality, compelling and capable of conveying your story.

Why should I chose editorial photographer Forrest Briggs Photo for my project?

The editorial photographer should understand your story and subsequently create a plan to photograph it. Forrest Briggs will work with you to ensure this happens. He has a unique eye for detail and the ability to translate your creation into images. He sees photography as an art form. Thus he delivers images that are attractive and emotionally engaging for your readers. In addition to a creative perspective, Forrest’s expertise across many genres of photography (people, architecture, commercial) allows him to capture diverse stories and subjects.

Utilizing an editorial photographer in Greenville SC

An editorial photographer usually evokes thoughts of magazines articles. Such articles may include stories which involve architecture, personal stories, nature or many other topics. Secondly, editorial photography may be used in books. Forrest Briggs’ images specifically compliment travel books, cookbooks or DIY books. The possibilities are endless. Photographs can always tell your story, regardless of your cause or product. Forrest Briggs is skilled in pairing images with text in the most effective ways.

Editorial Photographer in Greenville SC Special Considerations

Forrest Briggs is interested in fulfilling his clients’ most creative wishes. This includes meeting with his clients to discuss their vision and doing a walk-through of the shoot if necessary. Certain images are oftentimes difficult to obtain with a DSLR camera. In these instances, Forrest is proficient at drone photography. Many of our editorial shoots are on location, or even across various locations. Accordingly, Forrest can assist in determining the best locations in Greenville or elsewhere for your shoot. We are flexible, creative and willing to do what it takes to provide quality images that compliment your text.

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