Drone Aerial Photography and Videography in Greenville, Spartanburg and Anderson SC

Important Drone Aerial Photography and Videography Factors to Consider

When searching for drone photography / videography in Greenville SC, you will want to fully investigate your potential provider.  It is important to ensure that his / her work is up to scratch and that his / her style reflects your current branding.  Several aerial photographers / videographers own fancy looking drones but if the drone pilot does not have several hours of crash-free flying it  s/he may not be able to produce the advertising images you want within your required timeframe.


Drone Videography Greenville SC


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Drone Photographer Greenville SC


Drone Photographer Greenville SC


Think of it this way – would you rather hire someone with a high-end chainsaw to fall a tree in your backyard, or hire the person with the expensive chainsaw and the experience to back it up (roofs can be costly to replace).  A few important things to remember when looking for a drone / UAV pilot include the following: the quality of the portfolio, the equipment (and backup equipment) used, the amount of experience flying the drone, and the application of the video / photos.  We will address each of these items below:

What locations does the pilot service?

It probably doesn’t help much if the drone pilot operates only in Greenville County.  We love flying all over the upstate and beyond!  Areas we drone include Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson and other areas in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and the Southeast

Drone Photography and Videography Portfolio: Breadth and Depth

The first thing a client will want to research is the provider’s portfolio.  Does the Greenville SC drone photographer / videographer even have a portfolio?  Are the images on their website consistent with your branding / message?  Do the photos have barrel distortion (fisheye effect) around the edges or has the lens distortion been corrected?  What subjects has the pilot shot – photographing the inside of a structure is radically different than an exterior.  Do the videos have a jello-effect (unwanted vibration / shaking apparent in the video) – if so, a problem likely exists with the drone’s gimbal (stabilizer which houses the camera).

What Equipment Do They Use?

Always make sure that the pilot has at least one backup drone.  Technology fails, batteries deplete, software malfunctions, etc.  I’d hate to be the photographer in Greenville, SC whose craft fails during an important shoot and thus wastes the client’s valuable time.  Personally, if I don’t have my custom build handy, then I prefer to use my backup DJI.  DJI has made incredible improvements over the past few years from preplanned flight missions, to obstacle avoidance to ‘follow me’ mode.  The drone can track a moving object!  DJI’s cameras are about the best in the industry.  Furthermore, the DJI system has a sophisticated barometric system to maintain constant elevation.  This barometer coupled with GPS lock ensures NASA-accurate altitudes for your aerial photography / videography needs.  All of these features maximize the operators ability to fly safely while producing amazing drone videos and drone photos.

Amount of Flying Time

Does the person / company in Greenville SC that you are considering for your aerial photography / videography needs have a track record for using a drone / UAV or are they a weekend warrior who merely bought themselves a nice Christmas gift.  UAVs take a long time to learn how to fly proficiently.   The Greenville SC drone photographer should be able to fly in both poor and good conditions.  This is another reason I prefer the DJI… it can safely fly in winds of at least 25 MPH (yes, I have tested this).  Be sure the operator is abreast of the current legal environment regarding the use of drones.  A few obvious rules:  DO NOT fly near an airport or in a plane’s flightpath.  DO NOT fly above 400 feet.  DO NOT fly over populated areas (once the batteries deplete or the operator loses signal, gravity takes over).

Drone Photography and Videography Application

One question you may want to ask yourself is:  Do I need drone photography / videography?  There are times when traditional aerial photography (taken from an airplane or helicopter) are preferable to using drone photography  Having said that, there are instances when a drone may be preferable, for example:  interiors, construction sites, photos taken from oblique angles, photos from a low elevation, geomapping, real estate for high end houses or developments, architectural photos, plants, factories, university auditoriums, virtual tours, etc.  The  are several applications of drone photography and videography in Greenville SC.  There is definitely a need for photos and videos shot from between ground level and 400 feet in the air.  Drone photography and drone videography will communicate your projects to your target market.

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