In Greenville, one of the reasons I love aerial photography is that it takes me back to the days when air travel was sort of… pleasurable.  I can still remember as a kid walking all the way to the gate unencumbered by multiple checkpoints, friskings, body scanners, endless lines, and the ‘tude of the TSA employees.  Back then, one could effortlessly and enthusiastically watch friends and family boarding and disembarking from the planes.

Shooting from a small aircraft evokes similar feelings of days past.  One can check-in (well, show up at the local airport and hope that the doors are unlocked), converse with the pilot, and board the plane without so much as opening a bag or flashing an ID.  Its refreshing.

There is something more rudimentary about flying in and photographing from small aircrafts.  Aerial photography in a Cessna requires a steady hand of a different order of magnitude than traditional photography.  Not only is one randomly bumped and jostled along 3 different axes, one feels every minute vibration and every change in elevation.

Some common subjects of aerial photography:

  • houses and housing devlepments
  • country clubs
  • golf courses
  • engineering projects
  • buildings
  • office parks
  • hospitals
  • stadiums
  • cities
  • bridges
  • factories
  • construction progress
  • parks
  • architectural projects

What better way to promote updates of a construction project or to showcase your business than from a birds-eye view? Its fun, thought-provoking and makes a statement about your business!

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Greenville Aerial Photographer Forrest Briggs

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