Commercial Architectural Photographer

I’ve always enjoyed architectural photography / commercial real estate photography.  Firstly, there is a sense of inner harmony in working with the available light.  Moreover, looking for leading lines and the best angles to create a compelling photo.  A commercial architectural photographer requires a different skillset from other types of photography. I enjoy photographing buildings as the experience provides a zen-like sense of calmness in my body and mind.  The stakes are high when shooting for architects, commercial realtors, and builders.  However, exploring the building and finding the ‘one best way’ to make a statement with it is a tranquilizing task.

Commercial Architectural Photographer in the South

While my architectural photography business is based in Greenville, SC, Atlanta will always be home.  Greenville is a great place for my studio – roughly equidistant from Atlanta, Charlotte, Columbia, Asheville, and myriad other cool places.  Day trips to each of the above are quite convenient.  Plus Greenville is growing as an economic center in the Southeast.

Architecture in Atlanta

Due to my portfolio, my familiarity with Atlanta and my connections to the area, I was recently hired to photograph one of John Portman’s office complexes in Atlanta. His style oftentimes incorporates elaborate indoor atriums.   Thus Portman is probably best known for the Marriott Marquis, the Suntrust Plaza and the Peachtree Plaza in Atlanta.   My undertaking was to shoot Portman’s North Park Town Center complex.  It is a fairly unassuming series of buildings just outside of I-285 in the backyard of my Sandy Springs stomping grounds.

The Architectural Photoshoot Process

With this particular shoot, due to the layout of the North Park office complex, I was more or less working against time.  Arriving too early and shadows would cover too much of the buildings’ terraces.  If one starts too late, the harsh  sun creates ugly rigid shadows and over-exposed highlights that detract from the building’s ambience.  Arriving around 8 am I scurried up to the 5th floor and nabbed a few images of one of the outdoor terraces as well as some compelling exterior shots of the main building.  The link below opens a gallery with some of my images.  Your thoughts?

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Commercial Architectural Photographer Greenville SC









Architectural Photographer Greenville SC


Architectural Photographer Greenville SC

Architectural Photographer Greenville SC


John Portman Buildings