Your headshot session might take only a few minutes:

Your business headshot session can be photographed in a matter of minutes (don’t believe me…click here).  Typically the photographer creates and tests the appropriate lighting conditions prior to the client’s arrival.  Furthermore, s/he knows what poses to evoke based on the client’s body type, personality, job, what message they want to communicate, who their target market is, etc.  The overwhelming majority of work is conducted before you arrive at the location.  This means minimal time commitment from you (as little as five minutes) thus we won’t interrupt your busy schedule.

Listen to the headshot photographer and try to avoid the cliche’

While the photographer is more than happy to listen to and act upon your suggestions, s/he usually knows what lighting and backgrounds work best for you.  For example, a popular headshot that attorneys often ask for is one of them posed in front of their legal books.  My advice is to avoid the cliche’ (whether it be in the legal field or any other profession).  Yet another lawyer in front of yet another bland shelf of homogenous looking books dressed in yet another blue suit doesn’t do much to embed one in the mind of one’s target market.  That attorney will blend in with the crowd and look commoditized.  Its difficult to make a memorable impression if one always runs with the pack.  Try something slightly innovative, but within your comfort zone.  My point – be open to your headshot photographer’s suggestions.

Retouching / Post-processing / Photoshop

Many professional photographers offer retouching services (e.g. Photoshop) for your executive headshot /business portrait.  They intend to make you look a bit younger (however, there is such a thing as overdoing it).  They will whiten your teeth, minimize crows feet, reduct smile lines, and smooth your skin and warm your skin tone amongst other edits.  Let your photographer judge the correct amount of processing to do to your photos.  Sometimes one’s vanity can diminish an otherwise great headshot.


After the portrait session you will have a favorable impression in your mind.  It should be an enjoyable event as a good headshot photographer creates a relaxing yet engaging experience from the start.   It will be a memorable time, so choose your photographer judiciously.  The headshot is not only something to be proud of, but also it will serve as your business card and online marketing tool (especially in this day and age of LinkedIn).

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Greenville SC headshot session

Andrew Harmon, Advisors Insurance Agency.  Newsworthy Headshot by Forrest Briggs.

More questions?  Contact me at 828-756-0888 or email me here.