Why should I hire a licensed drone pilot in Greenville, SC?

Licensed Drone Pilot in Greenville

Picture this.  You’re a real estate agent who needs aerial photography for a big listing.  You just met this guy who you told about your project, and he tells you he has a camera drone.  He’s offers to take the photos and videos you need for a very reasonable rate.  There’s just one thing.  He does not possess a  drone pilot’s license.  You think to yourself, “Hey no big deal.  If he says he can do it, what do I have to lose.”  Seems like a no-brainer, right?

Wrong.  There is a very real potential for poor quality images and video.  Also there are many other reasons why you need to hire a licensed drone pilot for your project.  Let’s explore them together.

It’s the Law

Since August of 2016, the FAA  requires that any pilot using drones for business purposes must have Part 107 exception.  This includes the use of oversee the use of drones for capturing photography and video needs.  The myriad regulations surrounding restricted airspace and the procedures involved in commercial drone flights require a lot of time an effort to learn, and rightly so!  Do yourself a favor and hire someone who’s committed the time necessary to learn the rules and obtain the proper license.  You’ll be glad you did.

Trying to Save Might End Up Costing You More

While a $400 fine for not using a licensed drone pilot might not sound that bad, keep in mind the FAA has issued at least one fine in the amount of $1.9 million for violating commercial drone regulations.  The most common fine given will only cost you around $5,500, but wouldn’t that money find a better use in hiring a licensed drone pilot who will do the job right the first time?

All Drones are Not Created Equal

Even a licensed drone pilot might not have the equipment you need for optimum results.   When you hire a licensed drone pilot, you ensure you’ll get the highest quality images and videos possible for your project.  They’ll have the newest, shiniest, most advanced toys available, and not some old piece of junk they repeatedly smashed into the side of a building while learning to fly like some noob.  

All Pilots are Not Created Equal

When you eat at a nice restaurant, do you order a hotdog from the kid’s menu, or are you more of a medium-rare porterhouse kind of person?  (Sorry vegans.)    Hopefully, you want nothing but the best for yourself and your business.  If that’s the case, then you owe it to yourself to hire someone who is not only a licensed drone pilot, but also a professional photographer.  Only these rare unicorns will have the skills necessary to take images and videos that truly resonate with your clients.

Still not convinced?  Contact us today and we’ll really tell you what drone photography is all about.  Don’t leave your aerial photography and videography to chance.  If you need a licensed drone pilot in South Carolina and elsewhere, call Forrest Briggs at 864-336-3554.  See what he can do for your marketing!  


Forrest Briggs possesses a Part 107 exception and is a commercially licensed drone pilot in South Carolina and the rest of the United States.