Etsy Product Photography’s Not Easy

Setting up your own Etsy shop can seem easy in the beginning.  Upload some pictures, write a quick description, set a price, and you’re good to go, right?  Unfortunately, not so much.  Etsy is like many online marketplaces. Its full of sellers who seem to have the perfect recipe for success, leaving you wondering how make that happen for your own store.

Know Your Weaknesses

Etsy is full of creative people, but that doesn’t mean that they’re all good at everything they try to do.  While you may be good at a great many things, it’s also very important to know and accept your weaknesses.  For some of us, that weakness is product photography.  Admit it.  You’ve shopped on Etsy yourself, and you’ve probably dismissed items due to poor image quality.  Why do you think that is? 

Product Photography is Important

On Etsy, or any website, your product images are one of the most important things you put forward.  This is doubly true for artists.  When you hire a professional for your Etsy product photography, you ensure that what you show the world is a good representation of your product in real life.

Do Your Product Justice

You spent a lot of time creating your Etsy products, so do them justice with a professional product photographer!  You know how beautiful your product is, but no Etsy shopper will ever know it if they can’t tell from your product photography.   Online customers can’t see all the detail you put into your product, so do yourself a favor and find a great product photographer who can really make your product shine.

Stand Out

The best Etsy shops have product photography that really stands out from the crowd.  If you want your product to stand out in the sea of options available on Etsy, you need really great images.  Product photography is not the place to try and save a few bucks.  A good product photographer will have all the equipment, backdrops, lighting options, skills and props you need to ensure your product makes a splash on Etsy.

Product Photography is an Investment

It’s hard to get a small business going.  There are many costs involved in startup, and professional product photography might not be on your list of must haves.  Well, it should!  Many Etsy sellers have learned that a poorly photographed product is the fastest way to zero sales.  However, many of these sellers have also discovered that a great product photo can get you favorites and sales, which Etsy notes in their search algorithm.  Unless you can afford to wait weeks or months for your first sale, consider professional product photography not only an investment in your business, but also a source of profit.

If you’re looking for professional product photography for your Etsy, Amazon or personal web store, contact Forrest Briggs Photography in Greenville, South Carolina 864-336-3554.  He works with local and national artisans to photograph their products for print and the web.  See what he can do for your business today!