Hire a Top-Rated Amazon Product Photographer

Is Product Photography a DIY?

If you have a product you’d like to sell on Amazon, you’re going to need photos of your product.  But not just any images will do when it comes to the enormous marketplace that is Amazon.  Any product photos you post with your item need to speak louder than words because description space is limited.  Besides, would you buy a product with a crummy image attached?  Probably not.  The take away message is that you shouldn’t take any shortcuts where your Amazon product photography is concerned, and you should at least consider hiring a professional.

Trying to DIY Could Cost You More

Sure, you could DIY this project, but is it really a great idea?  Great photography takes skill, experience, and equipment you might not have.  If you don’t have the right equipment a decent camera, photo editing software, lenses, lights, tripods, etc. could cost well over $1000.  Professional product photography won’t cost nearly that much unless you have a large number of items.  The time you spend taking pictures and editing them is also a cost to consider, especially if you’re inexperienced.

Not to mention that photo editing software can prove complicated for a new user.  Most professional level editing suites require years of experience to use effectively, and most free options are pretty limited in scope.  A professional photographer will have the software and know how you need to get great results for your amazon product photography.

Amazon Product Photography Guidelines

Amazon is very particular about its product photography, so you’d better get to studying.  There are some things Amazon just won’t allow like additional watermarks or text on the image, all of which could result in having your listing pulled.  There are many other rules and tricks for great Amazon product photography you might not find out about until it’s too late.  An experienced product photographer will know all of the rules and best practices for Amazon images, so you don’t have to worry about wasting your time or money on mistakes.

You’ve Gotta Spend Money to Make Money

On Amazon, your product photos make or break your sales.  Think about it.  Do you click on the product that has a really nice image, or do you choose the one that’s not as good?  If you do click on the product with the lesser image, how long do you stay on the page?  The image you present on Amazon is what consumers see, and unfortunately, a poor image equates to poor quality.  Even if you do have the necessary tools, your images might look subpar.  Think of professional Amazon photography as an investment in your business.  

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