Photography During Quarantine

           Coronavirus has swept the nation and has put us under quarantine.  What better time to pursue our passions!  This is a great time to put  on some muscle, or binge watch the latest Netflix show, and it is also a great opportunity to get into photography! You don’t need the latest version of the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III, or other expensive camera to tap into your creative side.  It’s usually  good to start out with a basic camera like the Canon EOS Rebel T7i, or even a small travel camera.

             During quarantine, you can practice taking pictures of things around your house.  A room, a pet, or even more simple objects like flowers or vases are all great subjects.  You can also try making portraits of your family. It’s worth remembering that anyone can create a stunning photo of the Eiffel tower or the Grand Canyon, but a true master of photography can make even the most boring of objects come to life. 

Here are some tips for beginners: 

  • Make sure that the lighting is good (try to shoot during the “golden hours”.  This is the first hour of sunrise and last hour of sunset.
  • Try to have the light source in front of the object or person being photographed).
  • Use shadows to make the shot look more 3-D.
  • Keep  the background plain and simple.   Lots of objects can create a sense of clutter ( the sky or a wall is perfect).
  • Zoom in on the subject so that the viewer is not distracted by other objects.
  • Don’t shoot from just one position, try photographing from multiple angles  so that you have a variety to choose from and see the subject from different perspectives.
  • For nature shots, or any type of outdoor photography, try to create depth by keeping all the parts of the image in focus. Try to use water, as it can be used  as a mirror or a way to capture movement. 

Nature and outdoor photography

           Another great place to take pictures is outside. Even though you may be under quarantine, it is a great time to go on a hike and take pictures of animals, forests, and scenic views seeing as there will not be many people around. You can never go wrong with photographs of forests, lakes, mountains or hills, or even cities from good angles. When outside, it’s better to not use camera flash and let the natural light of the sun do the work. Using the flash inside is better, but be careful with how it portrays the subject. It’s also a good idea to have a tripod or some sort of stand so that you are able to balance your camera when needed. 

Don’t forget to edit!

         Editing is also important. Once you have created your photographs, edit them so that you can make any necessary adjustments. You can edit several aspects on an iphone through the edit feature. If you want to get more advanced and complex, you can use apps like Snapseed, Afterlight 2, and VSCO. There is also photo editing software like Adobe and DxO PhotoLab.

Enjoy the process

          Lastly, always remember that it is photography. Anything can look good with the right technique and practice. Have fun with it, and shoot things that interest you.

By: Nathan Rigsby