Making the Most of Online Photography Lessons

Forrest Briggs Photography offers online photography lessons.  Everyone is rethinking how they interact with  others and with our world.  As a result, people are looking for ways to shift much of their business and personal interaction to online venues.  So why not take a hands-on online photography workshop?

Convenience Meets Safety

Online lessons provide you with personal photography lesson in any setting you chose. At home, in your office, from your hammock…it’s up to you! You can engage with a professional photographer without having to commute. We tailor lessons for an individual, or for multiple ages to include everyone in your home. If you can’t sneak away for an evening out, maybe you can find a quiet spot for a photography lesson on your own. A photography lesson can also give quality time for a parent and child or siblings. Online lessons provide an effective way to learn. They also limit contact and exposure to others.

Connecting With Others–Remotely

Everyone is trying to limit face-to-face interactions with others.  It is still possible to socialize at this time. We can coordinate group online photography lessons regardless of your location. This is a perfect way to assemble friends or relatives and learn about a common interest. A group of co-workers (in the same office or in multiple offices) could arrange a lesson or series of lessons for lunch breaks. Cousins of any age could come together to learn a new hobby. Feel free to reach out for a consultation if you need assistance discovering the best way to meet your group’s needs.

Online Photography Lessons Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Forrest Briggs Photography does not ask you to pick from a list of prepared lessons. The lessons center around each student.  Therefore your specific needs are met. There are no prerequisites; beginners are welcome. Photography is a hobby that can be taught to any level and any age. If you are more advanced, then your lesson may focus on a specific aspect of photography to suit your needs. If you or your group want to combine two interests, your lesson can be geared to meet that desire.    We encourage questions and answer them thoroughly and thoughtfully. The length of lesson will also depend on the student’s age, ability and purpose.

How We Teach Photography Lessons Online

Online photography lessons are flexible and productive.  We can meet via Zoom, Skype and FaceTime. Beginners can learn how to use their camera, capture memories and edit. More experienced photographers can sharpen their skills, learn specific techniques and expand their abilities to edit. Please feel free to contact Forrest Briggs Photography. To schedule your lesson, or to consult about creative ways we can meet your online photography needs, click here. It is also important to note that safe and conscientious in-person classes are still available by utilizing social distancing and masks if requested.
To schedule a lesson now, please call 864-336-3554.
Online Live Photography Lessons