A business headshot (aka executive portrait) is your first opportunity to impress your prospective clients.  These potential customers want to do business with someone who looks trustworthy, competent and approachable.  Think of it this way:  are you more apt to work with a realtor who cruises around in a rusted Ford Pinto with a cracked windshield or with one who drives a well maintained import?  Exactly!  Since virtually all businesses are searched and vetted via the internet, the very first opportunity you have to communicate the aforementioned qualities to your customers is online via your business headshot (aka business portrait, corporate headshot, executive headshot, professional headshot, executive portrait, commercial headshot, editorial portrait, editorial headshot etc).  The internet enables your target market to assess your business in less than a second.   Now that everybody’s profile and webpage is in the limelight, what type of feeling do you leave in the mind of your audience?  Posting a snapshot from a fun night out on the town may be well intended, however it usually doesn’t convey the degree of professionalism required to attract customers.

Consciously or subconsciously your prospects will evaluate every element of your executive headshot – your clothes, the lighting, your expression, your pose, the background, the camera angle, etc.  In fact, according to researchers at the California Institute of Technology (CalTech), even the distance between you and the camera contributes to your perceived trustworthiness and attractiveness (see article here). Is your photo merely average or does it eclipse that of your competitors?  If you are serious about the direction you want your business to grow, invest in a quality executive headshot that exudes your personality and helps establish trust with your potential clients! (click here to continue reading)

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