Is It Time to Update Your Image?

Have you given your business a visual makeover in the last 3 months?  If not, it may be time to create new professional marketing photos. Recently, our economy, society and technology have changed profoundly. Nowadays, we use Zoom, FaceTime and Skype as opposed to meeting in person.  Thus there are several avenues available to update your business and remain current and relevant at this time.

Make your online images current

A considerable amount of our commerce and interactions have shifted to online. This new forum is often the first impression you give your client. It is vital that your impression is positive and lasting. Headshots are an important part of that first glimpse. Forrest Briggs Photography creates and conveys your professional image across a wide array of settings. From casual and relaxed, to powerful and confident, we can assist in creating an image that embodies you and your business. You can use your professional headshot in a variety of ways: on your website, printed advertisement, business cards and as avatars for social media.

The need for new images

In addition to this shift there is an increase in online purchasing behavior. There is no better way to create renewed interest in your products and/or services than with fresh photographs. Firstly, can you update the location to make them more relevant or useful in light of current situations? Secondly, is it time to broaden your target audience? Thirdly, Do you need to diversify your images and portrayal of your business? Finally, through the use of photography and video, Forrest Briggs Photography can capture your company’s image in a way that creates interest and promotes professionalism.

The use of drones

Forrest Briggs Photography uses drone technologies for larger projects. Architectural projects can be followed from start to completion, demonstrating the various stages involved and attention to detail you provide your clients. Drone photography and videography may be used to display your business’ location.  Drones can capture your product or service from a birds-eye view. In other words, these images can leave lasting impressions, in ways that more traditional photography cannot achieve.
Covid Safety First
As a result of Covid, we always maintain social distancing guidelines throughout the process.  This year has brought several change to the market. Businesses are reopening and your client and customer base is becoming more active.  In order to maximize your business potential, it is important to engage your clients sooner than later. The use of photography and videography is an effective way to accomplish this. Now is the time to get ahead of others and promote yourself and your business in a positive and meaningful way.
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