Private, One-to-one Photography Lesson

Don’t sit in a crowded room with no individualized attention.  Learn photography by enrolling in an individual photography lesson.  These customized sessions provide you with the maximum return on your investment.  You will ‘learn by doing’ and by using your camera the entire time.

Two-hour, Individual Photography Lesson Promotion

Want to improve your photography immediately and learn the techniques & secrets that the professionals use?  Searching for a fun hobby for you or your kids to pursue? This two-hour, socially-distanced lesson is for photographers of all levels.  We take all the proper measures to ensure a safe learning environment (N95 masks, six-feet apart, etc) during this fun and engaging lesson.  Decide whether you want to meet in person or online via Zoom, Skype, etc. 

Learning topics include how to:

  • Get away from the “Auto” mode and start taking amazing pictures immediately
  • Confidently shoot in manual mode
  • Correctly use ISO, shutter speed and aperture settings
  • Easily navigate your menu and settings
  • Determine which angles are best to capture your subject
  • Freeze motion without blur (great for photographing sports, children, waterfalls, etc)
  • Use basic lighting techniques
  • Compose and use all the secrets of creating amazing photos
  • Create a soft background when photographing people
  • Get correct colors in-camera every time you take a photograph

Good learning environment

This relaxing and entertaining private photography class provides for maximum retention.  Months and years later you will still recall and implement what you learn.  You will learn my insider secrets to creating beautiful photos that you will be proud to hang on your walls or share on social media.

You will be using your camera for the entire two-hour lesson and thus you will ‘learn by doing’ to better retain the information.  Lessons can be scheduled for weekdays or weekends.  Hurry, call 864-336-3554 to reserve your spot now, or Contact us here.

Individual Photography Lesson