Editorial Photography for Books

Several weeks back I took a break from product photography, headshots and architectural photography to help out with Greenville Literacy Association’s Really Good, Really Big, Really Cheap, Book Sale.  One of the big boys in town, Jackson Marketing Group, approached me to collaborate on this year’s event.  I liked the idea (spinning titles of books that most of us read at some point).  Furthermore, I am always up for working with different organizations especially when in conjunction with a worthy cause.

Photographing a book cover

At first glance, photographing book jackets seems pretty straightforward.  Place the book on a table and click the shutter.  In many circumstances, an iPhone shot is more than enough.  Sure, this is easy, just like all product photography.  Then one realizes they need to render precise color balance, remove specular highlights, add subtle highlights to lead the eye, prep the book (yeah, books need to be prepped) and create edge to edge sharpness without introducing lens distortion.

A relaxing editorial photography session

When you sit for your bio pic, you will feel comfortable and relaxed right from the start.  We create a fun and relaxing environment that will help evoke the right expression from you.  You will immediately appear confident and competent in your editorial photograph. You dedicated months and years of your life to completing your masterpiece, thus let us help it become a best seller!  We will work with you to determine the best location, either in studio or elsewhere, to capture your personality and persona.  You will enjoy the entire experience of your editorial portrait.


If you are an author and you need editorial / branding photography for your books, contact us now for a free estimate.  Call 864-336-3554

Here’s the result of Jackson’s brainchild (their photoshopping and my photography):


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