Professional family portrait photographer Greenville SC

Nearly everyone has a camera (their phone) with them at all times. People are ready to document everything from the momentous to the mundane. But do those photos include the entire family? Is one person always taking the picture and never IN the picture? Are the moments you capture adequate for social media, but not something you want to hang above your fireplace? A professional family portrait photographer in Greenville SC can capture your family’s milestones and memories.  They provide lasting images you will want to display and share for years to come. 

Family photography documents your life

Family portrait photography documents your family in many ways. A new family picture is often desired when a family member is added. Children, in particular, are always growing and changing. The relationships within a family are also highlighted during your photo shoot (for example, siblings, mother/child, father/child, grandparents/children). Family pictures are another way to create a meaningful keepsake for years to come. 

Family portrait location in Greenville SC is important

Forrest Briggs Photography is flexible when it comes to the family photos. Outdoor settings are popular with many families in Greenville SC. A favorite park, a picturesque backdrop or your own backyard are great options. For a more formal portrait, a studio setting is also available. The convenience and familiarity of your own home is another option for capturing special moments with your family.  Forrest can meet you at any location which best serves your family’s needs. 

Family photo shoots for special occasions

Family photo shoots can also occur when your family is gathering for a special event. A birthday, anniversary or holiday is an excellent time to enlist the talents of a professional photographer. Posed family portraits and professional candid pictures combine to capture these events in the most memorable fashion. With a professional photographer on-hand, you will be able to enjoy your event by allowing someone else to take the pictures. 

Family portrait photographer near me

Time seems to pass more and more quickly. It’s easy to miss the opportunity to document our families and special moments. Forrest Briggs Photography is available to help you capture your family.  He creates photos in a manner that reflects your style and personality. Please contact us to discuss how we may help you create lasting memories at 864-336-3554.  Or if you are in Austin, TX contact John Croxton Photography.

Family portrait photographer Greenville SC

Family Portraits Greenville SC