What is an Event Headshot Booth?

Forrest Briggs Photo and Video is excited to announce an expansion of existing services. We always use a mobile studio for on- location shoots.  We will now offer Event Studio Photography: an on-location headshot booth for one price. Forrest is known for the professional quality of his photography. Our Event Studio Photography will meet those same standards. Depending on the needs of your venue, this service will include a professional background and appropriate lighting.  Therefore, minimal photo editing is available and images are sent to one person, to each individual subject, or both.

Using an Event Headshot Booth

There are as many applications for Event Studio Photography as there are events. In other words, the simplicity of this concept can be a true asset to your business or personal event.

Business Applications 

Conferences and corporate meetings are prime examples of when you could employ this service.  For instance, a conference host or an individual vendor would benefit from offering complimentary head shots to attendees. Therefore this gives your booth or event increased visibility and traffic. Above all, event Studio Photography gives your company a key opportunity to engage guests and gather contact information.
In addition to conferences, your company could use Event Headshot Booth at corporate events or meetings. Therefore, take advantage of a large group gathering to update head shots for your website, business cards or marketing literature. This is also an ideal time to get group shots of CEOs, upper management, department heads and other groups while everyone is in one location.

Personal Events

Forrest Briggs Photo and Video is always an asset at your personal event. Birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, weddings, holiday gatherings…you will ensure that your guests look their best by including Event Studio Photography. Our event photography always includes candid images and group shots. Lastly, the addition of our studio photography will provide you and your guests with professional, posed images suitable for framing and/or hanging on their wall.  Everyone appreciates the convenience of an updated photo.  for instance,  family, group or individual photos while dressed for your event.  Event Studio Photography combined with event photography is an ideal way to capture memories at your special event.

Meeting Your Needs With Event Headshot Photography

There are a multitude of possibilities and uses for an Event Headshot Booth. Forrest welcomes the opportunity to discuss your event and how we can assist in making it a success. A headshot booth combines well with other services including event photography, video and drone services. As always, Forrest Briggs Photo and Video is willing to tailor your package to meet the needs of your event or group. Contact us now at 864-336-3554 or email us here at forrest@forrestbriggsphotography.com
Event Headshot Photography Booth

Event Headshot Photography Booth