Capturing the Real You With Business Photography at the Office

As a startup, lifestyle photography is vital to establish credibility and attracting and engaging potential clients. High-quality photography conveys an air of professionalism and can play a huge role in how your customers perceive your brand’s value, integrity, and level of expertise.

Consumers frequently choose brands with great photography over ones with average images.  The results? Better photography brings more clients and sells more to existing clients. Consider the money you spend on corporate lifestyle photography as an investment in the future of your business.

Corporate Lifestyle Photography: Beyond the Website

Your Corporate lifestyle photography is for more than your company website. It is for your social media, your press releases, and media mentions. Editors are much more likely to promote your brand if you can provide them with the right imagery, both regarding technical quality and editorial value, which has become a significant part of a company’s strategy. Therefore, quality corporate lifestyle photography can help increase brand awareness and maximize media coverage, creating valuable buzz about your startup to attract new clients.

Getting it Right the First Time

As a startup, you know that every dollar counts, so your company cannot afford to do things twice. While cutting the lifestyle  photography budget might seem like a way to save money, the results can prove costly.

The most successful business lifestyle photography shoots do not look or feel like shoots at all. The secret to excellent candid corporate lifestyle photography is to become part of the team and have the group work on an assignment they are excited to do, which could take a few days. Why is authenticity so important? Well, if your company is a startup, you do not want to look like amateurs. Letting the photographer onto your team might seem expensive, but the resulting images will portray your business not as imitators or mere aspirants, but as real contenders in the future of your industry.

Nothing feels worse than spending the money on corporate photography when everyone’s hair is a mess, shirts look wrinkled, and faces look pale and sallow. Expect to invest beyond a photographer alone. Remember, these photographs are an investment in your brand and public image, so the right clothes, hair, and makeup matter. Many photographers have existing relationships with these professionals, so be sure to ask any photographers you contact.

An innovative product or service may not be enough to get a business startup off the ground. Like it or not, image means everything in the corporate world today. Great corporate photography is a good place to start if you want to get more clients.

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