A one-to-one lesson is a great way to jump-start your photography business.

(This is the third post in a continuing discussion on the benefits of one-to-one photography lessons.)

As the saying goes “A wise man never knows all, only fools know everything”.

I have enrolled in several one-to-one photography lessons to keep ahead of the competition.  Long gone are the days where “nice composition” translates into stellar photography.  These days, composition is just the tip of the iceberg.  A good photographer is a perennial student of the all subjects related to his / her profession, including lighting, post-production,  people skills, posing, wardrobe, marketing, thinking on the fly (I detest using a screwdriver as a hammer (or in the photography world, a piece of cardboard as a light source), but its a darn good thing to know how to use when one is in a jam), dealing with clients, the latest technology, web-practices, the legal environment, running a profitable business, improving one’s creative eye, etc.  As a professional, I make sure to allocate a % of revenue each year to education.  This is a non-negotiable.  Why?  Because my competition is also hungry to have the best game in town.  Hiring a photography coach minimizes the countless hours I’d otherwise spend trying to make sense of each of the above.

In addition to eliminating the frustration associated with trial and error and ‘going at it alone’, a photography teacher will enhance your approach to photography and photography thinking as well as save you lots of $$$.   How?  Well, beyond acting as your guide when considering purchasing photography equipment, s/he will recommend the gear that works best for YOUR unique situation and steer you from the thousands of enticing gimmicky trinkets that are out there.  Moreover, one-to-one lessons with a good photography coach will answer questions you may have even long after your one-to-one photography learning session.  Finally, a good coach will cater the individual lesson to your specific needs and concerns.  No need to sit for hours in a ‘one size fits all’ lecture where you are learning only a fraction of the material either because you the material is way over your head (and thus you are lost and don’t want to hinder the flow of the class because you don’t know how to turn your camera on) or because the material is too elementary for you and you are wishing that you were playing golf instead of dozing off to stuff that you have known for years.

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