“Forrest, thank you so much for such a great photography day!

I originally signed up for just the intro class on Saturday morning, but am so glad that I invested in the mid-day field trip and the follow-on intermediate class. The morning was filled with theory and hands-on exercises during which I finally got comfortable taking my DSLR off auto-mode for the first time since I did film photography back in high school. I liked the take-away slides he presented on “his approach” to taking photos, starting with setting your white balance – I had never heard of white balance before! The individual attention that Forrest gave during the field trip was much appreciated. Being able to take shallow depth of field photos, stopping motion and creating the silky waterfall effect (the creek water fall and fountain), was well worth it. He was very patient, letting me experiment and encouraging me to reason through the various settings I needed to change to get the effect I wanted while in manual mode, instead of just telling me what to do for a quick-fix. This is a great course, especially if you want to know the “how” and “why” of achieving the photos you wish to create.

The intermediate class is pretty in depth on lighting, from various effects you can create with different flashes and equipment, to the various ways of creating shadows/light for portraits. The theory is great because it gives you a background and a place to start. If you really want to get the most out of the intermediate session, stay for the 1/2 hour or so demonstration where you get to move the lighting equipment (umbrellas, flashes, etc.) around and see how your photos change. He touches on nature, travel, sports, and night photography, which I will apply when on my next travels and adventures. Highly recommended class…and Forrest even gave me advice for shooting indoor photos for my husband’s rental apartments over the phone the week after the class!”Reagan K., Atlanta GA

“I couldn’t be more happy with the photos that Forrest took of my family. He’s absolutely masterful at working with light and was able to create a mood in our shots that I haven’t seen elsewhere. I liked a few of the black and white portraits so much I got them printed and framed and gave them to my wife for our 10th anniversary. She’s in love with them and immediately hung them in our home. Forrest is also a very laid back, friendly guy and worked really well with our young kids. We’re looking forward to him taking more shots of us in the future!”John C., Austin, TX