Pickens County, SC –

I lugged my camera up to the top of this 75′ waterfall yesterday…Bent like coathangers by a flood in 1928, these twisted railroad tracks are the only fingerprints marking the existence of the now-defunct Appalachian Lumber Company.  A sobering reminder of nature’s awesomeness.  After staring at them for several minutes, I was left dumbfounded trying to imagine the amount of force that the water exerted to toss and contort these steel tracks like cooked spaghetti.

Railroad tracks at the top of Twin Falls, SC can be found a short drive from HWY SC 178
Forrest Briggs Photography Waterfalls - Twin Falls.  Pickens, SC


Cool looking root from the tree in the background, clutching a nearby rock.

Root from nearby tree at Twin Falls Waterfall, Pickens South Carolina by Forrest Briggs Photography
Directions to Twin Falls-
Twin Falls is an easy 10 minute hike from the trail head in the Eastatoe Creek Gorge, accessible from HWY SC 178.  From 178, turn onto Cleo Chapman Rd (at Bob’s Place, a biker bar and very rustic tavern that has been Lysoled once since the end of the Cold War), then take a right on Eastatoe Community Road.  After driving just under a mile, turn right onto the one lane gravel road “Water Falls Rd”.  The trailhead is at the end of this road.  While there are a few swimming holes along the walk up to the covered overlook, camping is prohibited.  If somewhat nimble, consider climbing up to the top of the falls to witness the destruction of the 1928 flood.