Private Photography Classes in Greenville SC and Charlotte NC

This is part two of a continuing discussion on private photography classes in Greenville SC and Charlotte NC.  Earlier we were discussing the reasons for enrolling in private photography classes as well as introduced several objections.  Here’s the current objection to taking one-to-one photography lessons:

I took a class once already

Well, how did it go?  Did you learn everything that you needed to know about photography?  Was it the best use of your time?

In a one-to-one photography mentoring session the absorption rate is much quicker than during a classroom setting.  Why?  Because you have the photography coach’s 100% attention; there are few (if any) distractions for either you or the photography teacher; and their is more time allocated to real-world shooting situations, as opposed to abstract theory (I like theory…well, in theory).  As the expression goes “I hear, I forget.  I see, I remember.  I do, I understand”.   At least half (if not the overwhelming majority) of your one-to-one session with a professional photographer should be hands-on.  You should leave a good individual photography lesson with just the slightest bit of information overload, which should leave you asking a few questions.  You should also leave the session eager enough to practice everything you learned on your own, ideally within hours of the lesson (like it or not, recall drops drastically as time progresses).

A one-to-one photography lesson addresses items that can’t be catered to in a group forum.   Individualized lessons are surgically precise and the photography mentor will plan for your unique situation in advance, covering items that are germane only to you.  In an individual setting, no one has to worry about sounding like (or sitting next) to either the attention-seeking brainiac (the class participant who “knows everything”, but still asks a hundred questions), or the person who is lost no matter how basic the concept (“Wait, wait, wait, how do I turn my camera on?”).  After teaching for 10 years, in a variety of forums including an MBA program in Vietnam and undergraduate marketing courses at Georgia State University, I have yet to meet a teacher who does better than ‘target the middle 80%’ of the students”… tragically either the brains, the slower paced learners, or both are inevitably underserved to some degree.

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