Using Professional Photography in Business

Professional photography is one of the easiest ways to enhance your business. The images you use should be high quality and reflective of your brand. Forrest Briggs’ commercial photography will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Head Shots

Head shots are often the first glimpse into your business. YOU are the first impression. A warm, welcoming, approachable head shot is important to attract attention and clientele. Forrest can capture a head shot suitable for your business card, website or billboard. In studio, or on location, he will ensure that your photo reflects your personality, as well as your business.

Product Photography

Forrest has extensive experience photographing various products. He has worked with high profile companies shooting medical equipment, industrial products, electrical bikes and more. Smaller businesses frequently request photography for products such as candles, workout equipment and beauty products. A clear image with appropriate lighting is essential for online and catalog use.

Architectural Photography

In addition to products, Forrest Briggs Photo and Video is often asked to shoot other subjects.  Buildings, landscape and real estate, for instance. Professional services are necessary to adequately capture these images. Many clients request multiple shoots to cover the development of a home, warehouse or building. Forrest is skilled at capturing your building or other project in the best light and from the best angles.
Drone and Video Services
Commercial photography encompasses videography and still shots from high or unusual angles. Forrest has videoed interviews for websites, as well as various products “in action.” His drone skills have allowed him to precisely capture construction and create time-lapse videos. Drones are also useful when capturing large properties or when the property is not accessible by foot.
Merging Business and Art
Forrest Briggs Photo and Video will work with you to present your business, product and services in a manner that is eye-catching and professional. Forrest will make your vision a reality. He is also available to discuss and help you develop your vision if needed. Our creative approach will allow you and your business to stand out and leave a lasting impression.